Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a quarter after one...

Ha. Okay so I don't really need anyone right now, I just needed a title and it happens to be a quarter after one as I begin this new blog post which is very much long overdue. I'm not really going to get into anything considering I have church tomorrow morning and need as much sleep as I can manage. Sooo school has begun again! I am taking 7 classes (gasppp! I know.) and three of them are science-based. Bleh. Well, four if you count weight training since it does have to do with the body. Anyway, so I have classes and lots of homework to keep myself busy, along with awesome roommates who like to do yoga and cook meals with me. It's so funnnn! Last night we all went to eat to mac grill then went and saw "Salt". It was a good action movie, but a bad movie in all. This morning we slept in, had a pancake breakfast with another girl from our apartment, did some yoga (very new to me but kind of nice), met some guys in our apartment, then went to Sundance with Audrey and Claire. I had never been there, and was so pretty!! The leaves haven't begun changing yet but it didn't change the fact that it was gorgeous. We went grocery shopping at ol' macey's then came back to the apartment. After putting away our food and re-arranging our furniture, we had Erin come over and we watched Serindiputy. It's a cute movie. Then I read some "Nightlight", a parody of "Twilight" by the Harvard Lampoon, to the girls because they like it. Now I'm writing this. So it was a very eventful week with school starting and it was nice to relax this weekend. Monday is ALL work, unfortunately enough. Love yall! I'll post sooner then later.
Love always,
Devan Rose

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Okay! It has definitely been a while. Sorry? I was talking to Elizabeth about my skills the past few weeks of hurting myself, and then it hit me: I should update MY BLOG! And name it "A Series of Unfortunate Events!!!" So here I am, updating my blog, with the title I decided on a few days ago.

SO, it all started February 22nd when I was baking a cake for my friend Erin's 19th birthday. As I was putting the cake into the oven, I accidentally touched the inside of the oven with my forearm. Luckily it's not very big, so it was alright, and a lot of people have a small burn from cooking, so it didn't phase me too much. And it was a great cake. :-)

Last Thursday night. Elizabeth and I were leaving Rebecca and Grace's room upstairs at 1am. Elizabeth and I were planning on going to bed, and when we were closing the door to their room, Grace pulled it open and scared Elizabeth. Elizabeth screamed bloody murder and I whispered, "Shhhhh, Elizabeth!!!! Their R.A!!!!!" I said this because their R.A is kind of anal about people screaming in the hall after 10pm..and It was 3 hours past the quite hour time started. So I ran into the bathroom to hide in case their R.A came out and Elizabeth followed, who was hiding from Grace and Rebecca (I don't know why). She ran into a stall, stood on the toilet and squatted so that Grace and Rebecca wouldn't be able to see her unless they opened the stall door, and I attempted to hide in the shower. Fail.

I ran into the shower and while running I turned my torso to close the shower curtain...and I found myself staring at the tiles and feeling wet. No, I did not pee myself; I slipped when I attempted to close the curtain, and fell with my back facing the ceiling and my anterior on the wet floor. When I fell, I smacked my head on the lip of the shower that keeps water from getting all over the bathroom floor. After I realized I was on the ground and wet, I discovered that I had hit my head pretty dang hard. I attempted to stand up but after moving my head an inch off the ground I gave up and just laid there. I began laughing at myself because this was so incredibly embarrassing. Nothing like this happens to me. I would be laughing at someone who had done this. I began calling out for Elizabeth, half laughing and half moaning, "Elizabeth!!! *hahahaha* HELP. *hahaa* I *ahha-oww *fell!! Helpppppppp. *hahaa* ELIZABETHHHHHHHHH!! *haha-owww-ha*" Elizabeth didn't come. She says that she thought I was just joking because I was laughing so hard.

Grace and Rebecca had heard my cries, however. They came into the bathroom and I barely saw their feet and heard them asking me, "Devan? Devan, are you okay?" I began trying to explain myself, but I kept ending up laughing hysterically because it was so embarrassing and I was laying on my stomach in a wet shower!! What I sounded like: "Haha, I was running-hahahahaha-slipped-hahahahaha!" One of them asked, "Is she doing this on purpose? Devan?" Hahahaha. Why would I EVER be laying on my stomach in a used, wet shower? Gross. So finally I was able to stand up, although I felt light-headed. "I'm okay, I just fell. hahaha." Then Grace, Rebecca, and Elizabeth (she finally came after Rebecca and Grace) gasped and were all, "Devan, your HEAD!" I was just like, "What?" So I made my way to the mirror, and I had a big bump on my head. Me: "Crap. Crap. Crapppp. hahaha. I need ice." Some of the abuse I got from falling.. :-(

We went to Grace and Rebecca's room (with me laughing really hard this whole time) and since they didn't have ice, we ended up putting those cups of mandarine oranges on my head and that's when I realized my finger REALLY hurt. "Is your head still hurting?" "Yea, but it's not too bad. Man this is soo embarrassing. My finger hurts reallly bad, though." My left middle finger was bigger than my right middle finger and had a bump on it. Freakkkk. So we needed more mandarine orange cups! Kristy had been in the shower when I fell and had heard our conversation, so she came into Rebecca and Grace's room when she got out of the shower and was good company, eventually going to her room and getting more orange cups for my head and finger. That sums up that night, and believe me, there was much more I could've said.

The next morning I called my dad and told him a very, very, verrrry summed up version of this. I could almost see him rolling his eyes as I told him I fell in a shower trying to hide from someone, and asked him what I should do about my finger. After sending pictures and explaining what it looked like and such, he said I should go to the clinic, but first get a splint to put my finger in, keep it elevated, and take ibuprofen. So I did as he said, and the next day went to the clinic.
After they took an x-ray, the doctor still had no idea what was wrong with it. He said that the weird bump might be a sesamoid (not sinamoid. I was tired making this drawing. lol) bone there, even though they're not in your fingers...Thank you, student health clinic.

He told me the same things my dad told me, and so I made an appt with the orthopedist for this coming Monday. I drew a picture of the x-ray on paint and sent it to my dad. My dad emailed his hand-doctor friend and his friend evaluated it and gave my dad an answer, which is was what my dad thought was wrong with it and what the radialogist thought the next week after looking at my x-ray. I have fractured it where the ligaments pass through the joint on my middle finger on the left hand. Sweet. I have to have a splint on my finger for 10-12 WEEKS. How awesome am I?
So that is my finger. The egg on my head went down eventually, and after a few days it was almost completely gone. It left a bruise, though. A bruise that sunk down. A bruise that now is over my eye. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have a black eye. Lucky enough for me, I have great makeup to cover up the dark under my eye, AND the black that's on my eyelid looks like eyeshadow!! So as of now I have a natural "smokey eye". Unfortunately it's hard to replicate on the other eye, but my bangs cover it up so it's alright.

So I thought after this, I would be smarter about everything and that I was just having a bad few weeks. Wrong.

Our FHE group played tunnel soccer on Monday night. Elizabeth and I were by-far the most aggressive girl players and were the only ones to get hurt. We were on opposing teams. They shouldn't do that.

Situation #1: At one point in the game, I was getting very frusturated from our team failing at life and what-not, so after saying that I was p.o'ed, the goalie kicked the ball to my left, and ignoring the fact that Elizabeth was right there, I went for it, slamming my shoulder into her from underneath and completely knocking her down. Sorry, Elizabeth. Everyone thought this was hilarious because of what I had just said. :-/

Situation #2: The ball was going to where my team wanted it, and Tyler (on my team) kicked the ball insanely hard, which completely collided with the right side of Elizabeth's face. Yea. It ricocheted off her face and almost hit me still going incredibly fast. Elizabeth wobbled for a second, but was alright. Her face was really red, her eyes were tearing up, but she sucked it up. Good for you, Elizabeth!! She's hardcore.

Situation #3: I was running toward my goal trying to help defense from getting scored on again. So Lance kicked the ball toward the goal and I threw my leg out to stop it. Success!! But the placement of my legs and impact of the ball being kicked by Lance who was right in front of me pushed my ankle out, making me almost roll my ankle, then I fell down backward and scraped my hand. I got up and kept playing. After all, sacrificing your body at times is a given if you're playing soccer.

Situation #4: This was the worst part of the whole game for me. Not the worst the Elizabeth, though. So the goalie kicked the ball. We still don't remember or really know exactly what happened, but I think I stepped to the side quickly and stuck my leg out to catch the ball, but at the same time Elizabeth ran over and tried to do the same thing, but instead collided with me. She fell down and I fell on top of her. I fell face first into her head. I got a bloody nose (still sore), a bloody mouth (I had bit my top lip), an angelina jolie lip, and one of Elizabeth's curly red hairs in between my two front teeth. Probably the grossest thing that happened that whole night. Ewwwww. So I got up all bloody and we both felt as though our teeth were going to fall out (I actually seriously asked Elizabeth if all of my teeth were intact), me from falling on Elizabeth, Elizabeth from getting hit in the face. The game ended shortly after, because of Elizabeth and I hurting ourselves so much.

Elizabeth and I both put our retainers in when we got to the room. Elizabeth had a nice lil' speckled black eye from getting hit so hard, and I had a few cuts and bruises of my own. Gosh dang, it's been a brutal week.