Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 - Bordeaux, France

trains, planes, and automobiles

first thing I thought of when I thought about today. basically only having to do with the first thing. and it doesnt involve me.


so this week we did great, soeur hirschi and I. unfortunately our golden ami, esther is going to be on vacation in paris until sept 20th. that is the beginning of NEXT transfer! and we just started a new one!!! so we just call to check up on her, probably will be asking if she wants to meet with the missionaries there. she is so awesome, though! she highlights her book of mormon!! anyway. yeah. dont have full time today, we have to go pick up a sister who is staying the night with us tonight and finishing her voyage tomorrow so we have to take her to the gare tomorrow morning. so! transfers!

soeur hirschi left me, I kicked her out of the nest and she's headed to montpelier! she'll do great there. super excited for her. she is so wonderful and has taught me so much!! such a hard worker!!!!! kicked me in the butt when I got lazy and helped me a lot, so it was great!! super sad she is gone, but its okay. all change is good. now I have soeur green, soeur harris' blue! so she just finished being blue and she seems really eager to work hard too, so this will be great!!! super stoked to keep working and teaching and baptizing! inviting people to come unto Christ! such a fulfilling feeling. 

so the rest of transfer info, we have 4 equipes of missionaries in our ward, and 1 is a couple equipe in charge of the young adults, and then there's the zone leaders (was elder call and elder dicou) and the chinese equipe (was elder phelps and elder standford). elder call left (so sadddd, he's from my mtc district!!) to be zone leader in nice (in my old apartment there! haha. sisters and elders switched since I've been there), and elder phelps left! he was a blue! gone to toulouse. and my lovely comp is gone. so its been sad, cause all three of our equipes lost people, and to be honest, they were my favorite so that was super sad. but its what has to be done! time to work hard! will miss elder call, phelps, and soeur hirschi, but they'll do incredible where they go! I'm super stoked for them. and our new assistant is elder fox, who was in my district for 3 transfers when I was in pau and he's crazzy so this will be fun. lol. well, I gotta fly, but have a great week!! the church is true! gotta pick up the other soeur!!

love you and love letters!! same address as before!

love always,