Monday, September 7, 2009

Heck yes.

Hello, everyone! So I convinced myself to get a blog because it's difficult to inform everyone on what's going on in my new life here at BYU, so this should help everyone keep up. As long as they check it. SO! Here we go, starting a blog... I'm excited! Basically I've been making new friends every day, gotten confused in Math 110, been overwhelmed in SFL 102, and mixed up French and Navajo accents in Navajo. Regarding my roommate, Elizabeth...she's...interesting.

Hahaha, jk. She's ridiculously awesome. And somehow she dodged becoming Relief Society President.. But yea. We're tight. It's so fun!! So concerning my dorm, because I'm sure that many of you (if not all) want to see what my dorm looks like! If not...suck it up. haha.

As you can see, I'm using the nightstand thing that Anthony and Angie gave me (that I learned from Courtney is NOT a family heirloom, ANT! hahaha), my bed is MADE (a definite step up from home), and I have an alarm clock that would make me jump for the first few days when it woke me up. I have my bathroom wire basket thing so it's not in the way of the sink that's to the left of this picture..and we have a PLANT. Yes, a plant. And not just any plant; a Bromeliad. It's an "indoor flowering plant", so says it's tag. After much contemplation, Elizabeth and I decided to name her (yes, her! After all, it's a girls dorm..) "Priscilla". Hahahaha.

I definitely think it fits. And this next picture is of my amazing wall that is not finished yet.

And this next picture is just to entertain you and let you know what we do at 2 in the morning on Friday nights: put loads of makeup on (and crazy hair for Elizabeth) and take ridiculous pictures you're embarrassed of the next morning.

So this is the beginning of I hope many to come. If you didn't like it..well, that's your own problem. Sorry. Just doing what I can, being a poor college student and all.. hahaha. Psyche. Love y'all!!
-Devan Rose


  1. psyche! haha! In my head that sounds like "syke-y). haha.. I always thought it was spelled syke.. slang style. I'm so happy you got a blog! and you got the window lucky girl. I need to update my blog, I was thinking of making it private, but over the past few weeks I just don't care. "I Don't care!" name that movie! by the way, i really like how you put the bird in the picture frame.. random but cool.

  2. Devan, you make my day :)
    I notice there aren't any pictures of me on the wall... I'm going to have to fix that! I'm supposed to head up to Provo some time late fall/early winter to audition for the band and what not, see what kind of scholarships are available. Anywho, I'm in history right now and should probably pay attention, though I more than likely will get distracted again.
    LOVE YOU :)

  3. Very nice to be able to see my little girl so far away:-)