Thursday, October 8, 2009

You make me happy.

So alot of things have happened since the last post...
I had my first tap dance test. From left to right: me, Christy, and Kristina performed our dance and we did pretty well!! And we looked good. And that's an important thing when dancing.

Native American DAY!! Every 4th Friday in September!! I decided to throw a party in the basement of my hall. It was pretty tight. We made headdresses, had facepaint and a bow and arrow to practice our shooting, and Aunt Mazie and I made little fry breads and so everyone could enjoy the amazingness of Native Americans.

For FHE, we hiked the Y! This was right before, so as you can tell we went when the sun was going down. Luckily I told Roland to bring a flashlight, because it would have been kind of difficult walking up an incline in the dark. Afterward we went to the Creamery on 9th and enjoyed some original ice creammmm. :-)

So my first home BYU Football game EVER. It was exciting. My non-rotating seats are unfortunately right next to bad company, so I was invited to sit by my new friends Scott and Nick from Budge, which isn't in our ward. I met them at the stairs! Haha.

This is my intramural volleyball team. As you can see, we all like to flex our guns. But seriously, I love these girls! They're soo fun and crazy. Our team name is (obviously) "Good Lookin'".
My internet is being kind of ridiculous so I will update this asap!! And say more. But just wanted to let yall in on a little bit of what has been going on!! Love you and I hope this helped a little bit..!
Love, devan rose.

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  1. You have a blog! That is exciting. I could use more blogs to read in my spare time that I really shouldn't have. I have to say, whenever I look at this stuff it makes me miss BYU! Have a blast for me!