Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a great day to be alive.

Today was surprisingly not an incredibly sucky Monday as Monday's usually are, thanks to many awesome things that happened.
1. It RAINED!!!! I have missed the rain since I've left Texas. Not that it rains consistently or anything there, but it rains at least once every few weeks or so. So the rain added humidity and it made me happy. Later on after FHE my friend Michelle from next door wanted to go frolick in the rain, so Elizabeth and I got our flip flops on and ran around outside for a bit and practiced our tap dancing skills singing "I'm singin' in the rain".

2. I got a scary text from my roommate Elizabeth that said "MOTHER OF PEARL CALL ME ASAP!!!!!" This frightened me, because I didn't know what she was freaking out about. So when I checked my phone after she had called and left me a text I had just gotten to Navajo which is after my tap dancing class. I was kind of nervous and kind of hungry so I left class (luckily I got there a little bit early and my teacher doesn't mind people coming in a little late) and called her, very curious to know what she was freaking out about. She began screaming in my ear and to make a long story short (too late..), a guy that's in our ward (and is very..not-unattractive) had called her and asked if her and I wanted to go to the World of Dance performance on Thursday with him and his roommate (who is also pretty cute and a lot of fun). Guess what Elizabeth said.

Why? Because we had already purchased tickets a few weeks ago. But who turns down a DATE?
Luckily this brain fart was fixed when she called her mom and told her-all giddy and what-not- and her mom demanded that she call him back and say yes and give the tickets to someone else. Thankfully Elizabeth is very obedient and called him back and said yes. PHEW! She almost blew BOTH of our chances to have a date. lol. I almost killed her when she told me that part. Thankfully she fixed what she messed up. That is a huge relief.
3. I got my package from MOM! She just sent it on Saturday so I wasn't expecting it until Tuesday or Wednesday (the worst days of the week), but to make my Monday even better I went to the mailbox and I had a cute little red slip that told me that I had a package waiting! I could barely contain my joy as I walked back to my dorm, eager to rip it open. I was not dissapointed whatsoever. :-D Towels, my calender, brownies (which I don't need but are well appreciated), my all-sports pass, two packs of gum, some quarters for laundry, a Texas picture frame to show Texas pride, my dress that needed to be fixed, and some extra cash. Aren't moms just the best? I know mine is. I love you, MOM!!!

4. I found out that the math test that I have to take's last day to do is on SATURDAY thanks to testingcenter.byu.edu! :-D I thought it was Wednesday. PHEW!!!!!
5. Elizabeth's chair was replaced! It was broken since the semester started, so she's had to either sit on the very edge of the side of the seat, or be on her knees, or use mine if it wasn't being used.
So now we don't have to worry about completely breaking the chair by sitting on it.
Last week Elizabeth and I made ICE! Everyone was complaining that their mini-freezers inside of their fridges didn't work, but I decided to test that theory. And ALAS! They were soo wrong.

We also have the best greeting on our mini-cork board under our door number.

AND to top off this week, President Monson is speaking at our devotional TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday we have another intramural volleyball game! We won our first game on Friday! Sweet!! I am having SUCH a great time here meeting new people and seeing friendships grow. This is me, Elizabeth, and my new friend/math tutor, Palmer, who knew Elizabeth because she was his seminary teacher's niece. haha.

It's such an amazing experience and it all has happened for a reason. It hits me every time I think about my indecision about schools almost a year ago that I was really supppose to be here. Not just at BYU-Provo, but in Helaman Halls with the girls in my hall, the guys in my ward, and my amazing roommate. All of the stress and confusion that I went through was well-worth it. I've met people here who don't realize that they're here for a purpose, and it's great to share with them my story about the acceptances into all 3 BYU's, the not-feeling-right about BYU-Hawaii, and then the whole chaos of getting a dorm. We're where we are for a purpose. That's something I know is true. I LOVE it here at BYU. I am completely accepting the fact that I am not suppose to be in Hawaii, even though it will be ridiculously cold in 2 months and amazing all year long there, because if I was there, I wouldn't be going on a double date on Thursday with two really cute and really fun guys or be going to the school that's ranked #7 in football (!!!!!!) or be having the best time of my life with my roommate and awesome people from this school.
I love y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me letters! haha.
Devan Rose

Monday, September 7, 2009

Heck yes.

Hello, everyone! So I convinced myself to get a blog because it's difficult to inform everyone on what's going on in my new life here at BYU, so this should help everyone keep up. As long as they check it. SO! Here we go, starting a blog... I'm excited! Basically I've been making new friends every day, gotten confused in Math 110, been overwhelmed in SFL 102, and mixed up French and Navajo accents in Navajo. Regarding my roommate, Elizabeth...she's...interesting.

Hahaha, jk. She's ridiculously awesome. And somehow she dodged becoming Relief Society President.. But yea. We're tight. It's so fun!! So concerning my dorm, because I'm sure that many of you (if not all) want to see what my dorm looks like! If not...suck it up. haha.

As you can see, I'm using the nightstand thing that Anthony and Angie gave me (that I learned from Courtney is NOT a family heirloom, ANT! hahaha), my bed is MADE (a definite step up from home), and I have an alarm clock that would make me jump for the first few days when it woke me up. I have my bathroom wire basket thing so it's not in the way of the sink that's to the left of this picture..and we have a PLANT. Yes, a plant. And not just any plant; a Bromeliad. It's an "indoor flowering plant", so says it's tag. After much contemplation, Elizabeth and I decided to name her (yes, her! After all, it's a girls dorm..) "Priscilla". Hahahaha.

I definitely think it fits. And this next picture is of my amazing wall that is not finished yet.

And this next picture is just to entertain you and let you know what we do at 2 in the morning on Friday nights: put loads of makeup on (and crazy hair for Elizabeth) and take ridiculous pictures you're embarrassed of the next morning.

So this is the beginning of I hope many to come. If you didn't like it..well, that's your own problem. Sorry. Just doing what I can, being a poor college student and all.. hahaha. Psyche. Love y'all!!
-Devan Rose