Thursday, October 15, 2009

"I'm having a bad week; I miss my mom" no MORE!


my MOMMA is comin'!! Unfortunately, my dad works. And has to take care of ma famille. I mean, who expects Ant and Angie to driving Shelby to and from school and tennis practice and everywhere else that girl's heart desires along with pay the bills?!

My mom and dad at Anthony, Benjamin, and Angie's graduation this spring. What a cute photograph. I love my parents. They're awesome.

So this past week has been pretty awesome. As always. Well..stressful, but fun nonetheless. COURTNEY and her beau Nate were here for unfortunate circumstances, but I got to see them! They drove in Saturday night and I got to hang out with them for the next few days and spent almost the whole day with Courtney on Monday! I had a blast seeing them and it definitely was a highlight in my week. (heh heh..)

This is a photograph of me teaching Court my tap dance! Notice her large belly. Crazy!!
So that was great. That was on Sunday. Sunday I also attended a "Cheese and Cider" formal affair in a guys hall, hence my formal attire. Although I only was able to attend for 20 minutes or so, I had a good time. Man, I just realized that I am going backward in my story! Dang it. Well whatever. Saturday I went to D.I with my friends who are in the hall that had the party (they call their hall "the Dude Ranch"), Nick and Matt, mainly to get Nick and I clothes for a Mystery Date Night thing I invited him to for his birthday. So we were at D.I just looking around, when Nick decided to buy a couch!

Yes, this is the couch that he got. For only $10. I was impressed not only with that deal, not only because there were no holes in the inside which would mean that there were drugs stored in it, but mainly because it fit inside of my car. Well, Explorer. But a small one. So when it was shoved into my car and there was room for Nick's feet in the front, I felt proud to have a car that fits a full couch that can seat 4 people. Hurray for my car!!

So this Mystery date thing I went to with Nick was alot of fun. My name was Mary Jane Loveall and he was Fidel Fletchon..? So I was suppose to be a weirdo volunteer for a museum that dressed like a librarian and carried a huge bag. During the game, I was being questioned because the Parrot Jar was stolen from the museum and they were thinking I had it in my large bag, so this guy across from me says, "Are you from Texas?" because of the size of my bag. However, I was completely thrown off gaurd because yes, I am from Texas! But was my character? Was he asking me as a real person or the person I was playing? How did he know I was from Texas? Is my character from Texas?? All of these questions came buzzing through my mind and I just sat there turning red and stuttering. Hahaha. It was priceless. So after the game I told them I really WAS from Texas and that's why I reacted so strangely. It was really funny though. Nick got a good laugh WHILE I stuttered. Hahaha. Fortunately and unfortunately, neither of us was the thief. This is a photograph of Nick and I before we went inside; already in character!

So that's been my week lately. I took my intro to interiors test today and passed. It felt good. Friday I have NO classes!!! My Navajo teacher canceled class, so what can ya do? Why, you ask? J'ai ne sais pas! All I care about is being able to spend the whole day with mi madre!!! YESSS.
I love yall and don't worry, I miss you too.
Love always,
devan rose

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You make me happy.

So alot of things have happened since the last post...
I had my first tap dance test. From left to right: me, Christy, and Kristina performed our dance and we did pretty well!! And we looked good. And that's an important thing when dancing.

Native American DAY!! Every 4th Friday in September!! I decided to throw a party in the basement of my hall. It was pretty tight. We made headdresses, had facepaint and a bow and arrow to practice our shooting, and Aunt Mazie and I made little fry breads and so everyone could enjoy the amazingness of Native Americans.

For FHE, we hiked the Y! This was right before, so as you can tell we went when the sun was going down. Luckily I told Roland to bring a flashlight, because it would have been kind of difficult walking up an incline in the dark. Afterward we went to the Creamery on 9th and enjoyed some original ice creammmm. :-)

So my first home BYU Football game EVER. It was exciting. My non-rotating seats are unfortunately right next to bad company, so I was invited to sit by my new friends Scott and Nick from Budge, which isn't in our ward. I met them at the stairs! Haha.

This is my intramural volleyball team. As you can see, we all like to flex our guns. But seriously, I love these girls! They're soo fun and crazy. Our team name is (obviously) "Good Lookin'".
My internet is being kind of ridiculous so I will update this asap!! And say more. But just wanted to let yall in on a little bit of what has been going on!! Love you and I hope this helped a little bit..!
Love, devan rose.