Monday, April 23, 2012

April 20, 2012

Ma famille-

     Hey! I'm alive!! Haha. Yeah. So... When Mom & Dad left I went and got all of my things, saw my friend Alison Jones (now Sœur Jones), spent time with her last night when I was unpacking...she is right next door to me! Trés fou!
     My (one of) teacher is from Paris and served his mission in the Geneva Mission! Ha! Any who, my companion's name is Sœur Harris & she's from Portland in the Beaverton Ward! She's 23, just graduated from BYU in August, and knows a little French. More than me! She's really nice and cool, so I'm following her around everywhere. Lol. C'est amusant. I haven't really gotten French down yet...but I know more than I did when I got here! It feels like I've been here for at least a week and it's not even been 2 full days. Insane.
     We met our districts today and they're nice. I don't know, it's so confusing!! Anyway, we had to all get up and bear our testimonies. That was cool.
     Tomorrow Sœur Harris et moi have to teach a discussion to an "investigator". In French. :-/ (<--- All of the missionaries) But I have faith that the language part will come as I'm willing to give up control and let the "Holy Spirit Guide". I love you ALL (especially le petit bébé Tyler! Give him a kiss for me & tell him about me all the time!) and the church is so true it's INSANE.

Love you with all my heart,
Devan Sœur Gardner

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