Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012 - Pau, France

Till We Meet Again


I'm still in PAU! But...

yesterday was a hard day. Yep, we had transfers! And I lost my collegue of three transfers, my trainer, mom (mission-lingo..), and good friend yesterday. sad day. But it's okay! Because she was transferred to her homeland, Geneva, Suisse! And has an Italian companion, the only one in the mission! I seriously prayed that she would get to go back to Suisse and have an italian comp, because she wanted to go back to suisse to serve, and she never gets to speak her first language! And now I have soeur Rainey!! She was a soeur I met in the mtc, this is her 5th transfer and I'm on my 4th. so it will be interesting trying to understand people. haha. hahaha. Oh my. I have a feeling this will be a really hard transfer for me. But it will help me grow!! "All changes are good." And this is so true! Soeur Rainey is from FLAGSTAFF! Holla! She is from the opposite side of Flag, though, so yall probably dont know her family. Anyway, so that's that. she's really nice and we like to joke, so it's all good!

So! this last week was pretty great. We did a lot of contacting and porting (with soeur bertolio) and we didnt really get anything except one that I will tell you about in the next paragraph. Honestly, it was kind of disheartening. But we had to keep a prayer in our hearts and continue pushing forward and putting a smile on your face! It rained for seriously 3 days straight!!!! It doesnt do that in fort worth or provo, so I was like, the sky is falling!!!! and soeur bertolio is like, this is normal.. so yeah. I learned that it rains a lot here. So why do I say that it was pretty great? because we learned a little thing called faith. faith that the things that we are doing is benefiting not even just us, but someone in our mission. And that is hard when youre wanting to be able to tell everyone about the miracles happening in whatever ville that youre in, but honestly, I feel good about the work we put in to last week. Hard but yeah! thats life! c'est la freaking vie!! haha.

Wednesday we went to Salis du Béarn to do service for the Boza-Lino's, a young couple with two kids who just opened a boulangerie/patisserie! They are super nice and we love them. They're from Spain originally, but speak french also. so after we helped the wife clean her home (its a super old apt above the boulangerie that theyre redoing  a little bit), we went contacting for like 30 min, so after 20 min we are just turn onto a certain street and I approach a woman and ask if I can ask her a question, then she's like, what are you guys doing here?? in american english! so she had the elders who use to be in dax (we dont have elders there anymore) come do service for her all the time and she would go to church sometimes there, but now they dont have a ward there, they meet in bayonne or pau now, so she stopped going. so we talk to her and she is actually from hawaii (she's blonde. I guess her parents are from the mainland) and she has lived in france for 20 years and I lives with her bf who is now dying from lung cancer and they just took him off chemo because they cant do anything else. sad. but she was like, yeah let me get your number and we traded numbers and then I asked her if she would like to recieve the lessons and she was like, "what else is there to learn? haha" and I looked at her seriously and was like, "a lot. we recieve new revelation all the time!" and she was like, oh..yeah..then she said, "sure, why not?" and we set up an appt for this week! so we will see how that goes. she is really nice, so yeah! we also saw the steivenard's and had dinner with them, then had a lesson, and f. steivenard gave us a ride home with caroline, a recent convert who ate with us and is best friends with soeur steivenard. soeur bertolio had earlier invited him to church cause it was her last sunday but he didnt answer, then I told him I was singing and wanted him to be there, then he was quiet then later said he wasnt sure he'd be able to make it; and he didnt come, so that was sad, but he didnt outright say no!! both times he got quiet and during the lesson he really seemed touched. we used the talk by Dieter F Uchtdorf (of course, he would be my favorite if I had one!!! ;) ) about the woman comparing herself to a 20 dollar bill, that even though she's old and crumpled up and dirty, she is still worth 20 dollars. we used this to say that in Heavenly Father's eyes we are worth the full 20 dollars, and through the Atonement we can be pure and worthy. It is crazy, when we teach him we go in with a small lesson and then when we teach we are just speaking words that come to us. After our lessons with him, I'm like, what did I say?? lol. I never really fully remember, because we are given the words we need to say. In fact, that's how it is when we teach good lessons, I dont really remember what I say, I just remember that we had a great lesson. haha. It's great. I love this Gospel! It is so true!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! This morning I read, "of Regrets and Resolutions', a talk by (you guessed it) Dieter F Uchtdorf from this last conference, and it is incredible. READ IT!!!!  Holy moley, spiritual boost!

Marie and Roger are doing great! Marie has been asking about the temple a lot, and told one of our members, Soeur Chantaraud, that after her testimony about the temple, she has decided to go and be sealed there!! OH my GOSH!!! And they are just doing so great! They have such an incredble light in their eyes; I love it! I love them!!! Marie isnt being super mean anymore, and she's preparing everything for her wedding! She already has the dress and shoes and jewelry! haha, I'm such a girl. she was showing soeur bertolio and I, and we were oooo-ing and aww-ing. lol. and we are allowed to go into Saragosse again! And the other areas we werent allowed to go into!  Not at night, and we are to be super careful, but we can go now!!!! And we dont contact in that area. haha. they are almost all seriously muslim. It's ridiculous. But theyre not the crazy ones, we usually just see women. Anywho!

transfer news: Elder willett is still my district leader, elder wilson (his comp) was transferred to marseilles and now elder willett has Elder Dean, the elder from my mtc zone! hahaha. this will be a riot. And my mtc comp, Soeur Harris is still in Nice, like me, her fourth transfer, and she has her trainer as her comp (hse had her for only one transfer), elder Gruber is back in the Bordeaux zone, elder Arnold is still our Zone leader but his comp elder cushing was transferred to aix to train! whitewash!!! and who was in aix before? my friend from before the mission, elder Kunzler, who just finished his second transfer and is now ZONE LEADER in toulouse! WHA???? Out of control. And elder call is TRAINING!!! and we now have one companionship in corsica!CRAZY!DANGEROUS!haha. its like italy, crazy gangstas, apparently; so says soeur bertolio. she goes on "holiday" there. haha

So life has been sad for me but good the past few days. I try not to think about it, because I've been with soeur bertolio for a long time, and we seriously were like sisters. always togetherrr!!! sometimes it was annoying, but i loved it. she is so great!!!!! I miss her, but I love my new collegue! So! We will keep moving forward (meet the robinsons) and keep improving my french! a LOT this transfer because I dont have soeur bertolio to help me out when I'm not sure about a sentence I created in my head!! Oh man. hahaha. This is going to be GREAT! Gift of tongues. I also prayed to be a better student, and this is what happens. prayer is real, and watch what you pray for. lol.

I love you all and i pray that you each day at least! Read the talk by Pres Uchtdorf, "of Regrets and Resolutions" (it totally sounds like an old book of poetry and essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson or E.E. Cummings, dont you think? ) and keep praying for me, my mission, and the gift of tongues!

I love you allllllll, encore, and I hope to hear from you soon!!

love always,
-soeur gardner-

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