Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21, 2012 - Lyon, France

The following is an email from the France Lyon Mission Office upon Devan's arrival to the mission.

Dear Gardner Family,

Here are the pictures of your daughter extraordinaire.  I have included three pictures, one with her trainer, one with President and Sister Murdock and then with just the missionary.  Isn’t she wonderful?  

Her trainer is Sister Bertolio, and the address is:

La Mission Française de Lyon
Les Missionnaires:  Soeur Gardner
Le Clos des Camelias
1, Bis Bernard de Clairvaux #102
F-64000   PAU

We are so pleased to have her serving with us and hope she can recover quickly from the strain of the last few days.

Thank you, Soeur Jeppson

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