Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012 - MTC


     So not much has happened this week. We are now less than two weeks before I leave, so..yeah! Uhh..yep..
     Soooooooooooo.. This week we just taught lessons and got new missionaries. We have 45 new missionaries in our zone! HOLY MOLEY! It's a lot. there are 6 new sisters, who are all roommates also, like my roommates and I. 3 are going to Paris, one Lyon, one Montreal, and one Tahiti. C'est interessant, n'est pas? Sis Hurrell helped me make flags for the girls with their names on them for the door to their room. We helped host and we had all the sisters know that if they got a French Sister, to give her to us. Haha. So we met them and they're all really nice. One is from the same place as Will in Vegas! I was like, oh, do you know Garrett Allen? And she said she went to high school with him! She's cool. I think her name is Sis Horn. I'm not the best with names, obviously. I've had multiple conversations with her, too! Oh well. I also have in the zone now...Elder Foote! He is the younger brother of my friend, Jenny Foote. I met him and was like, your sister told me to take care of you, so here I am. Haha. I'm so awkward. I also now have in my district Elder Kunzler! I met him last fall in the Intro to Film class, so it's cool that I have a friend from "before the mission" here.
     Lets see..not much has happened since last week, other than the new people, to be honest. Frere LaPretre is afraid that we are going to plateau before we leave so we're all pushing ourselves super hard..yeah. We had a 40 min lesson last week in the TRC and it went really well. I'm starting to get the language a lot more. It's a-comin! (haha, *a hurricane's a-comin'!* name the movie) But yeah. We should be getting our travel plans Thursday, so I hear, and it will have our new mission home address, because once President Roney moves in the mission home is moving to Lyon. Surprise! I just figured that one out last week. Everyone write me and tell me how your lives are!! It's kind of sad when you don't get mail. Especially when random Elders are getting ridiculous packages and letters daily. What the what?! C'est fou.
     Yesterday we had "PVL" (parle votre langue, aka: speak your language)  ALL day. It was hard. It was just my district, so when we sat down for lunch Elder Kunzler and his comp sat by us and began talking to us en anglais because they don't know we're doing that and they don't know French really, and so I tried to speak to them in English and my district got mad at me. And would interrupt me en francais. It was annoying. So I was trying to talk to them in French but they didn't understand me well and it was just confusing.
     Uhh...oh, I went to the Health Center because of my foot. It was still puffy (dad I talked to you about it), so I went in. The doctor doesn't know what's up, so he told me to take ibuprofen (sp??), ice it when I can (which I haven't found a time to...) and to keep wrapping it at night and elevating it. I'm not sure if all of that it was he said or what I've learned from dad. So I haven't iced it, but I've been wrapping it and trying to elevate it whenever I can, and yesterday it was looking really good!! I also rubbed it a lot Sunday night, so I think that may have helped. But I went in to get an x-ray Thursday to make sure I didn't break anything. What hurts are my metatarsels, #2-5 on my left foot, specifically 3 and 4. They hurt the most. Maybe I bruised a bone?? I have no clue what I'm talking about so I was asked to come in again this week to get it checked on again. So that's what I'm doing at 2. It doesn't hurt really to walk on it, it just looks bad near the evening and hurts when you put pressure on it. Anyway! It's fine. Mom, don't worry about it. No biggie. Um..yeah! So..I don't really know what else to talk about right now, I'm trying to be more obedient and get off the computer by the 30 min mark because I've been going past it lately to talk about everything, but this time I won't. Obedience is key!
     I got a letter from Sis Tingey and Elder Holland!! That was pretty cool!
     Dad, thanks for your awesome letters. I love each one you send because I know you mean every word. I'll write you back today!
     Mom, thanks for the photo of grandpa and grandma! Unfortunately that's not really my whole family..so could you send me one? Thanks! I'll write you too.
     Court, you got my letter, I hope! If not, it should be at mom and dad's. Sorry, I didn't have your address on me and I wanted to send it asap so I just put that address because I remembered it.
     Ant, I can't wait to hear about all your ridiculous trips! Please fill me in. and I miss the weather reports.
     Shelb, I hope you had a great time at EFY!!!! Write me and tell me all about it. And about a boy... ;-)
     Benhamiin, did you get my letter and postcard? :)
     Angie, good luck with your pregnancy!! I'm assuming that you'll pop any day now. What a gross term..especially typing it out. Sorry. Haha
     And Nate, thanks for taking care of my sister and for yall's beautiful children. Send me a photo.
     I love you all and I hope that I hear from you soon. (EVERYONE, not just the fam. Don't want yall to feel excluded.)
     The church is soooooo true!! I love this gospel with all of my heart. I bore my testimony on Sunday and I was like, I'm taking advantage of being able to bear my testimony in English because this is the last time I'll be able to for at least 16 months! But yeah, I know that I've been helped soooo much by Him since I"ve gotten here. My testimony has like, tripled since I've gotten here. It's crazy. The church is soooo true. It's so important for us to have it. I don't know what I would be doing right now if it weren't for the church. Oh man. I love this Gospel.
I know that through this Gospel, we can all be cleansed and be clean. We can be happier than we have ever been. Yeah, in ways it's harder, but it is so worth it, just like being here is so worth it. I have the hardest time crawling out of bed when my alarm goes off, but I can and I do because I know that it's worth it. I can't wait to go to France and embarrass myself all over the mission because I know that with the Spirit by my side (and my companion!), I can accomplish anything.

Love you all,
-Sœur Gardner-

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