Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012 - Pau, France


bonjour, ma famille!

okay! so today we went to Lourdes encore!! soeur raney and elder heck hadnt been there, and the elders in bayonne didnt want to come, so we had ariel come with us! the american student here for the semester. she is AWESOME! (and reading this) lol. but really. anywho! we had a good time, but almost all the stores were closed and the resturaunts and it was raining and cold but we had FUNNNN!!! and took a bus to lourdes which took 40 min (double to time it takes to get there by train), but it was worth it! we had lunch with the elders and saw the crazy church and got some holy water for yall (dont drink it or you'll need a blessing) and took lots of photos. :)

this week was great!! we had thanksgiving in bordeaux with the whole zone, we finished teaching alex all his lessons, and he has his interview in bordeaux with the zone leaders (he works ther during the week) on wednesday night, and he's totally ready for baptism!!! we went through the questions TWICE and he  was like, yeah we're all good! and yeah. hes sooo solid I'm SOOO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!!!!! and Soeur LAVIE!! Eternal families!!!!!!!! o my goooooodnesssss soooo great. his baptism is on SATURDAY, the second to last day of the transfer! and he's gettting the gift of the holy ghost on sunday! how great is that??! so yeah. dont have lots of time, but I do have some photos from lourdes so I will post them for yallllll!

OH, yesterday we had a dinner with three families in the ward at the Wrights and had a thanksgiving of our own!!! we didnt have turkey (supperrrr hard to get here), so we had rooster. mais c'etait bon!! vraiment!! donc oui. it was awesome. and it was soo cute. court, you would have died.

okay, gottttta goo, main stuff taken care of? oh! and yesterday soeur raney gave a talk and I bore my testimony, which is always awesome to do in another language, and shared doctrine and covenants 128:22 I think. Joseph Smith, Jr. it was great! someone even asked me afterward for the scripture reference! we have had a great week!!!!!!

okay! passez une bonne soirée! je vous aime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love always,

p.s. will send photos after fhe!

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