Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012 - Pau, France

The Lord is my light! He is my joy, and my song!!


guess what? I have officially been to a RUGBY MATCH!! Holla!!! and it was soooo cool!!!!! We went to visit the Fekitoa's (husband is tongan and on the pau team along with the Fakalelu's) and they invited us! and got us tickets with them because they're awesome!!!and we were sitting right in the front and got to see the game and it was just super cool. President said we could. and he told us to try not to get into any fights. we made no promises. haha. No, but it was so sweet! And what was also super cool was that I met some of the players who were playing, and some had even kissed me!!! lol. bisous! when I was like, ah! no! anyway! so that was awesome. and its like, professional rugby! so I kind of feel like soeur bertolio and i didnt even realize how big of a deal it was to meet/know players, or teach them! like Saula and josefa! craycray!!! okay. so, we have been asked to study talks by elder neil l anderson because he's COMING TO ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! WHA??!!! No big deal, just an Apostle of the Lord is coming to our zone conference to give us direct revelation. so yeah. we're also making it combined conferences, so we will have montpelier and toulouse there also! which means!!! I'll get to see my friends, elder call and elder kunzler! sweet!! and yeah. so that's super exciting and I'll have a LOT  to say about Elder Anderson's teachings next time. SO STOKED!!!!

So I read one of his talks from conference (2010? 2011? I dunno) and it was called "children". what a great talk. i was like, oh no, I cant read this, it'll make me want children!!" and it did, but it also was perfect to share with soeur Fekitoa, who we went to see that day! so we shared that with her and thanked her for being a mom and had made her brownies like the sister missionaries that we are. haha. We also tried to visit the Fakalelu's a few days later but they werent home and so we left cookies at their door and a note and soeur fakalelu called and was like, I think you made a mistake, we havent done anything...haha. and we were like, no, its just because! she was really touched. it was awesome!! I love showing love!!!!!!! It's the best feeling EVER!!!

I think that is one thing I have learned this week, is the great feeling it is to show love. obviously I have been learning that my whole mission, but with members and everyone, really, it has become more! because soeur bertolio is so good at it, and soeur raney is working on it, so I try to show all the love I have! BIG smile, BIG concern for what others are saying (I'm beginning to understand and be able to speak a LOT more!!! yeahhhh!!!!!!!! hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard! lol, random quote that just came into my mind). It's so cool!!! I love it! 

So after we visited soeur fekitoa, we were wondering what to do, and this random guy asked us where a road went and then he was like, oh, your nametag says sister, you dont see that often! and we began to share our message with him and he was telling us a lot about france and the history and we taught him the super summed up version of the restoration! and HE asked to see us again! so we set up a rendezvous with him and it didnt go great. haha. He is a high schoo philosophy teacher, so he was like, talking all about philosophical things and speaking mainly english because "we didnt understand his high, elevated french vocabulary" because he's from the Bourgeoisie or however you spell it, an "aristocrat" by blood. haha. then when we were leaving the lesson, we asked if we could pray with him and he was like, no! no! but you can pray! go ahead! and we were like, uhh...and he was like, go ahead! pray! as he was getting his bike ready to go, and so soeur raney began praying and we hear his bike brake click up and the wheels of his bike rolling in the pebble sidewalk and we began laughing during the prayer because it was just so ridiculous that he was leaving DURING the prayer!! hahaha. good times. when we finished the prayer he was literally GONE!  it was hilarious!!!!!!!

Well, I have to go, but thanks for all the emails! I also love the surprise of finding letters in our mailbox! I know the church is true and am so grateful to be able to share the gospel with everyone in Pau! With a huuuuge smile!! I love yall!!!!!

devaneaux (for you, dad! lol)

p.s: I invite you all to read talks by elder anderson, also! the trial of our faith was the most recent!!! SOOO good. And "children". what a great talk!!!!! Oh man. Thank you mom, court, everyone who is a mother!! :D 

AND Alex has his baptismal date set for December 1st!!!! the end of the transfer!!!!!! yeahhhhhh!!!!!

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