Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013 - Grenoble, France

The Lord is My Shepherd

Bonjour, ma famille!!!

How are yall doin?? this week was awesome!! So I have decided after much studying of the people here, that these Grenobloises (the name of people from grenoble) act a lot like Northern french people. which is...kind of rude. which is nothing like pau or nice, for the most part. but if they will talk to you they are nice! sometimes! we have had multiple people take our hand or grip our arm and explain themselves, but usually theyre just rude. ça va. but soeur addis is use to it. lol. and I'm getting very use it. so yeah. but when you find amis, it is sooo great!!!!! ahh!! then you have a baptism and your heart is just on FIRE with the Spirit!!!! Like with dan's!!!

Dan's baptism was SO good!!!!!! It was saturday night, and soeur addis spoke first about baptism, then I sang and melanie, a member in the ward who also served a mission in our mission and soeur addis killed her(crazy right??) played the piano for me, and the Spirit was so strong!!!! Dan brought 5 of his chinese friends and they were feeling their arms because of goosebumps and one was watching me with her hand clutched to her was really cool. and totally not my voice that was making them so emotional, because it started off pitchy, but it was totally the  Spirit! the words to the song! Everything! it was just so incredible seeing these nonmembers completely feeling the Holy Ghost testifying to them of the truthfulness of what I was singing about and for. After that we had dan's baptism, and he wanted to keep his glasses on! hahaha. so he did! and it went well. we watched a short film about the gospel, then I spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, then we had him share his testimony and it was so great and then we had the bishop welcome him into the ward, and then we finished and almost everyone who came brought food!!! and so we had a nice reception after, not too crazy. haha. and we got home a little late but it was okay cause we got a ride. and he got the gift of the Holy ghost yesterday and it was awesome also!!! ahhhhh I love dan!!!! He is just so full of faith and receptive to the Spirit!!!! What a great Baptismal service and convert. I am so prepared to keep him rolling and making him a strong member!!! Today soeur addis and I were talking about teaching him the lessons for after his baptism and I told her that I havent ever had to teach men about the priesthood, and then she made it known to me that after I have baptisms, the next transfer I'm transferred. And its true!! I had little Sarah and Alex the same transfer in pau and then i left for Nice right after Alex's baptism,then I had Sarah's baptism in Nice my second transfer there and then Ileft right after to here, and now I'm here and we just had dan'sbaptism. And shes like, so I guess youre leaving next transfer!
ahhaaha. I HOPE not!!!! I just got here!!!!! Still have a LOT of workto do!!!! OH! And we stopped by vaber's office to drop off some brownies for him and his family and a note, and he told us that hewants us to come over to his home and meet his family and wife this wednesday!!!! And so we are stoked and praying soooo hard that she'll
have a change of heart. the whole mission is!! and that he'll really QUIT all together smoking. dad, he's using your program I think completely, and he's gone from smoking about 8 a day to 3!! We are really proud of him. We are rooting for him!!!! And we had some friend of a member who has been taught just randomly by the soeurs a few
months ago, call US and ask to get the lessons!!!!! Just like that! and we set up a rendez-vous with her for that day and show up at the church and she brought her member friend with her!!!!!! So we hadnt even been planning on any lessons that day, and voilà! a lesson with a member present!!!!!!!! how the heck??? MIRACLES! Thank you for your prayers!!! We really do see the results. Oh, and also today! We had some guy that was kind of following us in the grocery store, but very sneakily, never looking at us, but being in the same aisle after we got there, then we left and he left teh same time, and he never picked up anything! and before we left the store, I was like, soeur addis, he's following us. so when we left, we took a different way, like we turned later then we should have to go home so we'd go around the block, and I was watching for him and he crossed the street about 2 min after us and we made eye contact  and I just stared him down for like 20 seconds and then he looked away, and turned the other way and began walking. I watched the rest of hte way home to make sure there was no one behind us and we checked before we went in to our appt building and he had walked the opposite way after I stared him down, and we didnt see him at all, and its a pretty open street so we were clear. But still! Heavenly Father hears your prayers and he totally protects us from weirdo guys!!!  and everything else. I hope that doesnt scare you about hte guy. it was just a few hours ago so dont be scared or anything, its the first time thats every happened to me. Dont worry. And if he did show up, I  took self defense at byu and KNOW how to use my keys. heh heh. and I hold the keys! so. he's lucky. I love yall so much and I know that I'm here for a reason! there are people we are finding in the holes of the rocks!!! We're HUNTERS!!! Love itttttt!!!!!! Gotta go, but I love yall and I hope to hear from you soon! and if you want to send any letters, best do it this week because april 1st is transfer day! I'll find out the friday after this friday what happens. I really hope I kill soeur addis!!! haha love yall!!!!!!!!

love always,

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