Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 - Grenoble, France

p-day shmee-day balls in the sky!


title is credit to soeur addis. she's a funny one; that soeur. and she goes home in 1 more transfer!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! shes awesome and I will be sad to see her leave. anyway. today! we went to the balls in the sky to a fort up in grenoble! its like a lift thing sort of..but theyre literally ball shaped and it was fun! we went with our whole district. c'etait bien. our district is pretty cool also. we are feeling a LOT better! we are almost over being sick and now we are gonna hit the ground runnin! we were soooo sickkkk this week it was ridiculous and terrible!!!!!!!! when we didnt have a rendez-vous we slept because we were so exhausted all the time!!!!!! but coughing and sniffling and gross too. egh. but its over!!!! yeahhhhh!!! and we taught dan and vaber and they are doing so great and are progressing!!!! vaber's wife doesnt like mormons and last time the soeurs made her cookies and she wouldnt eat them because "the mormons" made them. lol. So we made MORE. and guess what? she ate them. hollah! and he paid his fast offering on sunday!!!!!!!! we didnt even ask him to!!!!! we just asked him to fast with us and we told him about fast offerings and we saw him pay it to the bishop after church on sunday!! it was so incredible and awesome. 

So we have been really trying to visit non actives to bring em back to the church, and so this one time this week we visited dear old soeur guinet. she called the elders 30 min before our appt to tell them to tell us to not come, and so the time they contacted us we were on our way so we just went anyway and we were able to teach her a lesson. So we liked asked her questions and tried to have her participate but she didnt seem to understand our questions or she was just trying to change the subject or she was just a little old and a little crazy. so we really pushed her coming to church and taking the sacrament on sunday and she said she would then we were like, this sunday? and she was all, oh no! not this sunday!...and we were like, why not? and she just said because. so that was awkward. and we offered to get her a ride and everything and she was really against that and so yeah. we ended the lesson, stood up, she was showing us pictures she has of her grandkids, then soeur addis goes to get her coat and I give her the bis and then she says something to me smiling but I didnt totally understand just something about her peeing or having to pee. So I'm like, okay we're on our way out! and soeur addis and I say bye and leave. come to find OUT this old lady peeed herself and said to me, "I just peed!' and was SMILING. ???? Soeur addis said she heard her say that and was confused too and looked down and she had a puddle under her! and she was like, I was so confused I didnt do anything! I didnt know what to do!! lollololololololol. yeah. it was weird. So we are pretty sure she probably shouldnt be coming to church if she is not in control of something like that. Sad but supppperrrr weird!!!! 

On tues night the soeurs from chalon were over to get their legality in grenoble, so they came over, dropped off their stuff, then went shopping for a bit (they spent part of their pday here), and since it was one of the soeurs' birthdays, we made them a cake, then we celebrated and we were joking taht they just came to celebrate her birthday and to get out of chalon, and then soeur addis was like, wait, the prefecture (were to get legality) is closed on wednesday! so thats the only reason you did come to grenoble!! and we both started laughing so hard and they were like, wait, really?? and yeah. so that was the only reason they came. they left the next morning, but it was a fun sleepover with cake! hahaha. good times. 

Okay, and I saw the johnstons at church!!!!!!!!!!! the couple missionaries who were in pau with me!! they came to grenoble on sunday cause he served her 50 years ago and it was so great to see them!!! apparently they put up pictures on teh facebook group for our mission? the group "friends and family of hte lyon mission' or soemthing like that? anywho. yeah. so it was awesome.

k gotta jet but thanks for the emails and the letters!!!! love yall!!!!!!!! the church is so truuuuuue!!!!!!!

love always,

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