Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 26, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


this will be even SHORTER then last weeks!! and for that I am sorry. But I have a little bit sick, so I dont have the most energy to write a long email. 

so grenoble is awesome and beautiful and the people are nice. We have 2 amis with a date for baptism, and they are dan who is chinese and we teach him in english (his date is solid for the 16 of march) and vaber, who is from cote d'ivoire originally but is married to a french woman and they have 3 kids. she actually hates the church (not for any real reason), so we are working with him getting permission from her (since we arent going to tear apart their family) and also helping him to quit smoking with the program dad sent me! we have to translate it into french for him, but we explained it to him on friday and he started saturday and is doing good, so he says! 
lets see.. and my district is awesome!!!!!!! it has elder foote (friends with his sister, Jenny from byu and he is a transfer younger then me and we became friends in the mtc and served in the same zone for a few transfers), elder loeura (same transfer as me! we came in together and we were in the same district my first two transfers!) and he is spanish speaking in grenoble with elder sanchez, then elder GRUBER!!! I LOVE elder gruber!!! he was, if you dont remember, in my district in the mtc, and we have been in each others zones every transfer since we have been out minus 2, and now we are in the same district! SO stoked. but yeah. they are great. and I LOVE my companion. She is just so fun and a great missionary. We get along really well. She goes to byu, also! hollah!! Well, I should go, but  I will send you a picture of what its like in grenoble. Its not like this all the time, jk. But yesterday...yes. and saturday. brrrrr! 

Love yall and the church is SOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

love always,

the weather when it was "unusually warm". the mountains looked sooo good i dont know if you can tell, though.

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