Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013 - Nice, France

If You Could Hie to Kolob

ma famille,

bonjour! I hope you are doing greattt!!!! So many people are asking what I did for my birthday. Well! As always I started on the 4th because it was pday. We(I) went shopping(its the end of soldes! suchhh good sales!!), and the elders in nice and the zls (they were in nice for exchanges) came by our apartment and made me a cake and sang happy birthday(so nice), then we went to have fhe with an english woman in our ward, Donna. I absolutely LOVE her!!!!! She is the coolest and is the best cook! And just really fun to talk to. especially in english! cause we can crack jokes one right after the other and not have to think about conjugations..its nice. So we ate with her and she made the best dinner!! Then tuesday (real birthday) soeur bicchierri went crazy and put little notes saying happy birthday EVERYWHERE. I do not use that word lightly. lol. She put them on my yogurt in the fridge, on the herbal tea, on the remote for the cd player, on the KEYS, in the toilet paper, on the toilet seat! IN THE SHOWER! on my shampoo and conditioner bottles!!!! It was out of control and sooo funny, because it didnt just say happy birthday, it said something like "happy shampoo birthday! dont get it in your eyes!" and "happy toilet birthday!!" hahahaha. and english not being her first language made it even better! it was the best. I laughed. a lot. Getting in the shower was the biggest surprise. so good. gotta love companions. ITALIAN companions!! then we went to randomly visit this older woman, elida, who is ITALIAN and soo italian and kind but has a little attitude! so we went to visit her but she wasnt home, so I was like, well lets go to the patisserie on the corner and get a baguette for lunch, so we do but then soeur bicchierri buys this CRAZY nice cake that is sooo beautiful for my birthday present and I was like, what the what that is out of control!! we cant eat all that!!!! but she was all, its your birthday present and im getting it!! and then we were walking back to the apartment and we ran into ELIDA! and we asked her if we could come by later to celebrate my birthday with her! and she said she was going to the doctor so we couldnt then we asked if we could go right then nad she said she had to eat lunch, then we were like, ok, in an hour? and she looked at us for a second, then said, ok, ok and smiled cause we know she was excited to have some cake with us to celebrate cause her husband died like 10 years ago and shes alone. so we go home and eat real fast, then we run out again to go to elidas, but on the way there a lady walked past us with a cake in her hands and soeur b was like, happy birthday! and she was all, thanks!!! and we both stopped and we began laughing and we talked to the lady, her name is line, and it was her birhtday too!! and we just talked and she said she doesnt believe in God but felt like she should maybe meet with us, so she gave us her number and told us to call! so we went off to see elida and celebrated with her and it was really great cause we also taught her the plan of salvation and how she will see her family again after this life and she was so touched! oh, and her and soeur b always talk in italian and I UNDERSTOOD enough to bear my testimony about waht they were talking about!!!!! WHA?!!!! soeur bicchierri was like, YOU UNDERSTAND ITALIAN?? and i was like, NO!....yes?? it was crazy. lol. Gotta love the mish. Later that night we went to a pizzeria and it was nice to not be cooking for ourselves. birthday!!!

okay what else...dont have time! well george, the man that we thought was someone else, is super solid!! He cut down from 2 packs of ciggs a DAY to 1! and yesterday he said, yeah I've really been thinking about it, and I've decided to stop all together. we were like WHAT?!! that is sooooo great!!!!!!! It was so cool. I love George. He is just incredible. He testified of the Book of Mormon and reads every day and prays about it and feels good and we testified that it was the Spirit telling him it was true and he just nodded his head. He is SO SOLID its out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love. the gospel.

Okay gootta fly, but thanks for the birthday wishes!!! ant and angie, got your letter! haha, love the mustaches!! :D

I know that the church is true! I love this Gospel sooo much! I know that we are truly blessed with gifts, we just need to continually pray to recieve them! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Heavenly Father loves us and answers each of our prayers. We are loved so much by Him, and he knows each one of us individually.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad!!!! THIRTY YEARS!!!!!! THAT is impressive. haha. for anyone, not just yall. lol.

Happy birthday, Nate!!!!

Happy (late) birthday, ASA!!! (hes just three..didnt realize i missed saying that..right?)

Last week before transfers...doubt i'm leaving. OH and pray for us for wednesday! the paris and lyon mission are combined in finding all day that day! day of MIRACLES-MIRACLES!

have a great week!!!!!!

love always,

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