Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 - Grenoble, France

I'm walkin on sunshine! woahh!!

ma famille,

bonjour! once again short because I was trying to write back to everyone. first off, I can email friends now!!! as of two weeks ago, but i forgot to make it known to everyone. so yeah, cool!! 

so vaber is doing great but is having so many problems with his family and now his work!! they wont let us go to his work to teach him cause the woman who owns the building says we're a sect. so dumb. SOO DUMB!!!! oh my goodness. sometimes. I cannot handle it. some people are very prone to believing anything that they see or read, especially here, and it just is hard to go about regular work without people saying this to us. n'importe quoi!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! but anyway! 

things are going good, its funny cause when vaber has people telling him he cant, he wants to do it even MORE. ahaha. so..just pray that he's getting baptized for the right reasons and understands the covenants he's making. But he really is progressing, he at first didnt want the priesthood, and we kept on trying to explain to him the priesthood, so finally we just gave him the liahona and asked him to read "the joy of the priesthood" from president Uchtdorf, and so the next time we saw him we asked him if he liked the talk and he totally had a different idea about the priesthood and he said that its a great thing and that he doesnt at this moment feel worthy of having it, and we were like, yeah youre not! thats why you continue to progress and get baptized! and he was like, yeah okay, and so yeah! voilà! he's great, just has a lot of issues when it comes to the people around him. But we're praying for him!!

We had zone training and that was really cool, just got super spiritually pumped to continue to work hard and to work harderrrr!!!! I got bens package of tea (thanks ben!!!!!!) and a "package" from soeur bertolio!! hahaha. It was funny. It was in a whipped cream bowl (which doesnt make any sense since they dont have that in france) and
covered with a pink piece of paper that was taped. lol. so silly. love that soeur.

So we taught caterina and she first started off our lesson by asking what we thought of gay marriage. And we taught that we believe that marriage is between a man and a wife, but that we dont hate people with those feelings. And then we got into a little bit of a not-debate because she was getting upset and we didnt want to argue with her, so I just said, have you read this book? and held up the bom, and she was like, no, and I was like, okay, well when you read this book and pray about it, you will begin understanding why marriage is between a man and a wife. If you pray and if you read. and then we went to get a "the family:a proclamation to the world" brochure and we came back and she was crying!! and we were like, are you okay? we're sorry if we were harsh! and she told us that we were fine but then she opened up and told us about her really hard life and her really bad parents who did bad things and just her sad story and we testified and taught about Jesus Christ and the atonement and that she can feel peace and love even with having experienced hard things that she had to experience. it was a really long lesson. but she was doing a lot better after and I really feel like she is beginning to have the desire to change herself, to be better and do greater things; to have faith in Christ. This is what we are praying for for her. she is athiest but the more we see her the more she seems to want to have this faith. its really cool.

we taught marie-france about the restoration and she had a lot of good questions about authority of baptism and such because she was baptized catholic. it was a good lesson!

well, I have to go. but things are going great here, people can be mean but we contacted in lyon and the people were even meaner!! so i'm happy to be here. lol. and its my ville, so you have more love for them. okay, well, gotta fly, but i love yall!!! the church is true!!! I love the scriptures!!!!!!!!!!! The Book of Mormon is the word of God!!!!!!!!

I love yall so much and I'm sorry if I'm not able to write to yall every week.

love always,

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