Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Israel, Israel, God is Calling!


k, this is once again going to be short since I like reading emails and I like replying. Quick. okay! so! this week was great! We have a baptism on saturday, Vaber! He needs your prayers that his wife will
be okay with him getting baptized, though he will be getting baptized with or without her permission. He is doing really great and we will be seeing him every day this week to make sure he is absolutely ready. He is so pumped and its so cool!!!! AHH!! We had a talent show and I played the uke and sang "come thou fount of every blessing", which was pretty fun to do. I like performing. it’s a little energy boost. And we had like 7 friends brought to the talent show that we got to meet!! Yeah for ward missionary work! I love how Elder Nelson said in his conference talk, "Trust the missionaries: the Lord trusts them!" I love that. Looove. Our members are beginning to do that.

My year mark? whaaaaaa??? and we...didnt really do anything. I don’t really know what sister missionaries do! burn a skirt? No way. I like my skirts. maybe when I go home.. hahaha.

So cool contacting experience this week! we were about to leave the apt and deciding where to contact, and so we prayed and soeur addis asked what i felt like we should do, and i said to go out and turn left and then go across the tram and turn left again, then she was like, well i felt like we should port our we ported, (no success), then we contacted and did what i felt we should do and we found 2 people who gave us their numbers and were interested in that 30 minutes of contacting!! And they were like at perfect times, one was right when we left our appt and the other was when we were about to be back at our appt! We were like, miracle! only if we had ported before hand would we have found these potential amis. so cool. miracles everyday. love the gospel!!!

I love yall!! Stay safe and pray for vaber!

love always,

ps; happy birthday, tyler!! I cant believe he's as old as my mission!!!!!! ahhhh I'm an old lady!!

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