Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide


bonjour!! How are yall doin??? This week was awesome! Well, minus Vaber not getting baptized, but his wife wasn't ready for that big change. He decided to wait a little while before, so that his wife will at least accept this. He was like, I dont care what my wife thinks, but it will effect my family too much. And he wants his home to be a Christ-centered home, and you can't get that when your wife really really hates you. So..we're working on that. Keep praying for him!! And dan is going to the temple this weekend with our ward missionary leader, brother barta! So cool!!!!!! ahh!!!! Super stoked for him! OH my goodness, seriously! How cool, for him to be able to go! We were super super excited for him when we found out that they were going this weekend. 

So on tuesday we had a miracle! We had 6 rendez-vous set and you know, sometimes people dont show up so you have backup plans. EVERYONE showed up for their rendez-vous! EVERYONE! We had 6 lessons in 1 day! Which, serving here, is a LOT. Hence so many CAPs. haha. But it was really cool. and we got a new ami! We are also teaching this guy, Yannick, who is originally from the Congo. He was a cordonĂ©e from the elders in Lyon and we have begun teaching him and he was a little skeptical in the first lesson of it actually being the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon being the word of God, but the second lesson he was super into everything we were teaching and asking questions to make sure he understood and when we finished we asked him to come to church and he was like, of COURSE! You dont have to ask! haha. and when we asked him to pray to end the lesson, he was like, wait we're already done? cant you teach me more?? It was really cool. And we taught Caterina twice this week, and the second time we taught her we were really firm with her and kind of gave her an ultimatum, because she just doesn't seem to want to have the faith to recieve answers to her prayers, or even to pray! And she was like, no I really do want to have this! So we re-committed her.  She would just keep disagreeing with what we were teaching and as soeur addis said in the lesson, she was trying to find the reasons of why things happen, not actually trying to feel the spirit or receive revelation for herself, and then she told us that she thinks that one day scientists will find out that God doesnt exist. I laughed at her. out loud. Soeur Addis thought that was pretty funny. Then I apologized but then was like, if you believe that, how are you having faith that God will answer your questions? and we had a long discussion about it all, and we are praying that she is going to have a real desire and to have the faith to pray with real intent. It was intense! But she's a good sport. I told her that she's stubborn like me, and she was like, yeah I know! haha. We laughed. Good times. Well, dont have a lot of time, but I love yall so much! And dont think that I'm a mean missionary, I'm not usually saying stuff like that, or laughing at people! I just broke! But it was fine, and we have another rdvz with her for this week. 

Saturday we had a "Fiesta" activity with the young men and young women where we had them make guacamole and fed them mexican food and taught them to dance (elder loera). it was a really good turn out and the bishop danced also! hahaha it was great. Love this ward!

We had zone conference on wednesday and it was great cause it was talking about how we need to have love for everyone and show it! I love this. Goin back to the roots of President Roney's reign in this mission!!! Great memories from this counsel makes for a great rest of the mission having the counsel again and having 6 months left to revamp it!!LOVELOVELOVE I want your LOVE! hahaha. No reference. ..

The church is so true and I am so happy to be serving a mission here in the France Lyon mission! It's where I'm suppose to be! I know that we truly can get answers to prayers and that Heavenly Father hears our pleas. Transfers are on May 13! Got a little less then 2 weeks to work some more miracles with soeur addis before she heads home! Wish us luck! 

 I love yall and pray for you daily!

love always,

My Ecully Zone in Lyon!

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