Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee


sorry this is going to be super short and aint got no time because things got screwed up with computer times with elders and blahblahblah. anywho, so conference was so INCREDIBLE, as always! LOVE conference! and Vaber came to a session and it was the session that they talked about world peace v personal peace and it talked about the Ivory Coast, which is where vaber is from!!! and we talked to him after the session about what he thought and he was like, that talk was for me. it was so great! things arent going great with his wife, but this week we taught him and after we asked if he had any questions and he was like, "yeah, what do I need for the baptismal service? do i need white pants?" it was SO COOL because he was asking not about gospel things and questioning stuff (though we appreciate and love questions), but was asking about what he needed for HIS BAPTISM!!!! please pray that his wife will be touched by the gospel and see his change and though we dont need her permission, give her husband permission to be baptized. Its so hard for him! But he's strong and has really recieved an answer to his prayers. ahh hes awesome!!! caterina's heart is unmelting and she came to the same session of conference, though she was an hour late, she came!!! and she really listens to our teachings, and is a lot less likely to question our lessons and stuff. its really cool. she LISTENS. wowwww the gospel is so TRUE!!! I love it! I am so proud to be a missionary for this church! for the real church of Jesus Christ! And listening to the Prophet and his apostles speak just about killed me it was so good! every time I just get soooo spiritually pumped!! woww!! thats all I have to say!

we have been contacting like mad-women this last week (our new goal is 50 people a day in the mission!!) and we contacted this one guy and he was like, bonjour! and took his ear phones out and he was like, oh what church are you from? and then we told him and he was like, yeah, how long are you serving? 6 months? 12? and we were like 18! and he was all, wow! then we asked if he would be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and he was like, yeah! I'm protestant but I'm interested in learning more! then we asked for his number and he was like, yeah! and just gave it to us like that, then he was like, okay, see you guys later! and walked away and we were like, was that so easy? did that just happen? lol!! we laughed for a bit about that. then we called him yesterday to set up a rdv and he was super willing and open to a time and day, so hopefully we see him on wednesday at 4:30! Pray for us! and him! His name is Phillipe. Miracles!!!

okay, gotta fly, but I love yall so much and I am so grateful to have been raised in a Christ-centered home. They were talking about that A LOT in conference, about keeping the home a refuge and i really feel blessed to have had that and to still have that. Thanks, fam. Youre the best. :)

I love yall and I love letters! I hope to hear from yall soon!!!!

love always,

p.s: what byu choirs sang at conference?? it was SO GOOD!! I was very
impressed, especially the Jesus the very thought of Thee and the
sopranos!!! so beautiful!!! love it all!

court- the oh happy day blog is a mormon! one of our members is
american and went to paris and met her in the international ward up
there!!! haha craaay.

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