Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013 - Grenoble, France

you gotta have FAITH!


so update, I have soeur lewis and soeur hall here in grenoble with me and theyre on their second transfers. theyre both nice girls, one just turned 20 and the other is 19. yeah; weird. one has had 1 semester of college. weirdER. I'm like, yeah..I'm 22...3 years at byu..nbd. blah. old. but its okay, I'll get use to it pretty dang fast, I think. So this last week we had a million mangez-vous with members because soeur addis was here for 5 transfers and just died. crazy how that happens. dead. dead and gone. but she will live on in our HEARTS! :) what else...our stake pres is a beast and always gives great talks, and he came and spoke for our ward conference on sunday and it was again great! he actually has a mormon message thing! I dont have time to pull it up for you, but yeah. its good. umm...oh, already got the 4th missionary, dont have to worry about that. 

 there's a talk by..I dont remember who, but he talks about how our Heavenly Father gives us trials and hard things in our lives to make us stronger and better then we were, and he uses the analogy of a gardener talking to his plant, and how the plant talks back. the gardener cuts off some branches and the tree asks, why, why gardener are you cutting me down? I've grown this big and i've done so much good, why cut me down now? and the gardener says, because I'm the gardener, and I know of your potential. I'm making you a stronger, bigger tree then you have ever imagined. and he talks about in this talk (called "the gardener") how he has seen those times in his life  when he feels like he has been cut down, but he has learned that it was for the best. and he says that he would say to the gardener, "thank you, mr gardener for cutting me down. for loving me enough to hurt me". and I thought a lot about this talk when I got the call for me to  train and found out that 2 very young sisters would be coming here. So I am viewing this as him cutting me down, loving me enough to hurt me for a bit. Life is hard. I am positive about this. I am also positive that we have a loving Heavenly Father. He gives us trials so that we can become stronger. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, to be cliché.  He knows what we can handle and He has trust in us that we will do our best and become even better then we were before. Isn't that what it's all about, to progress? To become better then we are right now? Well, this is that moment for me. To become better. We all have a divine potential. Dieter F Uchtdorf said that if each of us knew this it would change the world. How incredible is that? We need to better ourselves all the time. And not only that, we need to serve. Showing the pure love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us to one another. Let's all make the change we need to make today.   

I love yall so much and am so grateful for each of you. thanks for supporting me in my time of need and for the love that you have for me and the gospel. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and knows us personally. He knows us. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for us so that we can have the strength we need to get through life and trials, and to repent and become better. We matter to Him. 

I love yall and I hope you have a great week! I love letters! :)
love always,


ps. photo-I got to hang out with soeur bertolio all morning/afternoon before I came back to grenoble at 4! it was SO GREAT!!!  I love her!!! what a great example to me of what I should be like with my blue. just show lots of love and be PATIENT. she needed a lot of that with me. haha..seriously.

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