Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 - Grenoble, France

I survived!

-so I had to forward this because I typed in soeur addis' email and finished up the email and did other stuff, then totally sent it without adding yalls email addresses!!! hahaha. I'm an idiot. it is. enjoy!!! love ya!-

so youre probably wondering if I'm alive. indeed! I am still here!! and things are now going great. I feel good about everything! a little unsure, but you just gotta keep pushing forward and trust in the Lord, that he has a path for you!

This week was CRAZY. I went to lyon, back to grenoble, went back to lyon, shared a room with SOEUR HARRIS(needless to say we stayed up wayyy too late talking), got my blue, then came back to grenoble thursday night. phew! 

at first it was really hard. the new equipe of soeurs were acting like i wasnt really a part of their equipe for the first few days that I didnt have my blue which was pretty lame cause we were suppose to still work all together as a trio with me as senior comp, but one of them was deciding everything and asking the other if they liked that was awk. cause I didnt want to say anything cause I'd only be with them for 2 days. so i got over it, and then i got my blue! who is from north carolina, goes to byu, took a lot of french in college so can speak grammaticallycorrectly but we are beginning to work on her accent and her understanding other people. which is CRAZY cause i feel like I'm a real trainer!! cause apparently my accent is not bad to french people and I understand what people are trying to say!!!! 95 percent of the time! haha. so thats a LOT better then when I was a blue! but yeah. i cant help but feel kind of cool when she contacts and people dont understand then i say it and they do understand. and when we finish a contact and my comp is like, what'd she say? and i'm like, she said she is late to work and she cant talk. lol. its not that I'm rejoicing in myself, I'm rejoicing in miracles. GIFT OF TONGUES!!! yeah. I think of a specific time, when she asked what brings this guy happiness  and the guy was like, huh? and she repeated and he was like, i dont understand, and I just repeated the word happiness in french cause I knew thats what it was that he didnt get and he was like, OH! yeah. I felt cool. but yeah, being a senior comp is definitely different, had a rough moment cause i'm like helping the other soeurs and trying to guide them but also train and my blue felt like i was giving them too much attention and whatnot but i talked to her about it and its cause they NEED me! and she was like, i feel like we're not working hard enough, and i was like, you've been here TWO DAYS. hahaha. and friday (her first day) was weekly planning! and we taught 3 LESSONS! AND we had to have a correlation meeting with the new equipe of soeurs and the elders and the new elder in that equipe. haha. so.. I talked to her about how organization is really important when we are all in the same ville and that we cant work sufficiently if we dont plan ahead of time. and that this week we would definitely have time to go out and contact for hours. lol. so she finally began understanding. phew! But its going really good now. we shared our own spiritual experiences and why we decided to go on a mission and all of that, and I think we like each other alright! :) She does know great french already, which is a very big blessing, and she is super sensitive and sweet. and likes to laugh, so that is great! But just trying to make sure that she knows that missions are about working hard and doing our very best, but that we can laugh and enjoy our mission, too! after all, we shouldnt be robots, we are real people and thats the great thing about being called to serve in a certain location, that the people you find and teach are the people that needed YOU and YOUR personality at that time to help them improve themselves and their lives! SO yeah. big testimony of that. introduction of the white handbook. haha. seriously! 

Okay, gotta jet, but I love yall so much and am so grateful for yall!!! Things are going great here and I'm excited to have this new missionary with so much energy to serve!!!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!!

love always,

ps-elder wilson, me, soeur harris!!!!! first time i've seen soeur harris since my second transfer at blues conference!

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