Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Praise to the Man


hello! so this week was okay. okay because soeur addis was sick until tuesday (got sick on friday), then i got whatever she had on wednesday until saturday. nasty cough and tired as a dog! but yeah. we still taught lessons! wednesday was the worst for me and I slept basically the whole day, which actually helped a lot and i got better faster then soeur addis! and my cough is almost all gone! Got a blessing from the elders so that definitely helped me. love the gospel! 

so this week we taught yannick a couple times and he is so accepting! I LOVE africans! they just love and have so much faith in Jesus Christ!!!! Its incredible. He's golden. he was a referral from the elders in lyon, well, a family in lyon who had them meet their nephew, who is yannick. he is really cool and just having issues with gettin baptized AGAIN, but we taught him about it and told him that he should pray about it. he accepted. and he came to church! 

Dan went to the temple and brought soeur addis and I little Book of Mormon figurines!! So cool!!! I got Nephi, soeur addis got Lehi. Keepin that thing forever! so cool!! He is really doing great, and he's reading this so awkward!! haha just kidding, dan! lol. 

Caterina, another ami, she's the athiest one, she told us on tuesday that she had this dream on saturday night that she was with Jesus in a garden and that she was wiping his face with a white shawl, and that there were mean men who showed up with torches and took him, and then she woke up with this reallly bad stomach ache problem and threw up and was  still sick when she came to meet us on tuesday, and seh asked what it meant, and she never remembers her dreams, then we told her she should pray to be healed (before we offered for her to get a blessing and seh accepted but the elders werent in town) and she was like, yeah maybe and then we saw her on tuesday and she was better! she said on tuesday night she woke up and threw up once more then she went back to bed and felt better. and she said she had read, and we watched the restoration, and then wayyy later in the lesson soeur addis was like, oh, have you pray? and she was like, oh yeah, I did. actually, it was on tuesday night, before I threw up one more time and then went to sleep and felt better. and we were like, "...WHAT??? thats the answer to your prayers!!!!!" and she was like, you think so? and we were like dying it was so obvious!!!!!!!!! hahaha. and we were like, you have been praying for a sign, this we think is your sign.  and she was like, huh! it was crazy. so yeah. she is progressing, needless to say. slowly but surely.

Lets see..oh in zone conference we had interviews and pres roney asked me if i was ready to be in charge. haha. I was like, eh....I COULD...but yeah. then he asked about the language and then he asked soeur addis a lot about me and if i was ready and it freaks me out!!!!!! We are getting more soeurs then we have senior companions, so things will be changed around for sure. transfer calls on friday, so I can tell yall in skype whats happening. ant, ask mom and dad about the skype thing. okay, gotta jet, but thanks for the emails! I love yall! the church is true and Heavenly Father really does answer prayers! Alligning our will to His. I am praying that I'll be prepared for whatever is ahead for me and whatever ville I'm in (probably here since soeur addis is dying). Pray for me too, please. :) love yall so much and I pray for you all the time!!! so if something good happened...your welcome. ;) jk jk. love yall.

love always,

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