Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 - Grenoble, France

...and Seek out the Righteous Where e're They May Be!


bonjour! comment ça va? je vais bien! en faite, je vais partir à aix-en-provence aujourd'hui! So today we're going to aix-en-provence for an exchange with the soeurs there! I'm pretty stoked cause I only have been to aix during the winter, so there was no pretty lavender everywhere. But it was still beautiful, just not AS  beautiful as it could have been. but this time will be great. so this week went well, we had zone training in Lyon and we had mangez-vous with a few families in our ward and taught marie-france with one of them, and we played the missionary game with the other, we got a new ami, sandra, through another ami, sylvie (crazy, right?? miracle!!!), we helped marie-france move yesterday! Her dad came to help her move her stuff. she's moving home for the summer and will be back in august, which means I probably wont be here. Which is really sad. and she will totally be baptized!!! But yeah, we took a photo together and we met her dad and introduced the gospel to him also and gave him a Book of Mormon (!!) and that was great!!  so we moved down her bags and dishes and stuff, not a lot of furniture, but she lives on the fifth floor, which is actually the sixth floor in america. !!!! So that was a nice workout in a dress. haha. mais ça va. It was totally worth it! and the elders came and helped too. 

things have been going pretty great here in grenoble, we are seeing miracles everyday and we are getting more and more courageous and better at working together, my blue and I. she is great at wanting to talk to people and everything! I'm so proud of her!! and her accent is getting a LOT better already!!!!! sooooo cool!! oh, so mom sent me a letter this week, and I got it when we were leaving the apartment and I read part of it and put it in my bag, but I must have dropped it and I lost it!! so I was really sad and prayed to find it. So a few days later, we come home and the other equipe of soeurs tell us that this old man came to the door and rang the doorbell and gave them the letter because he found it on the street opened and he wanted to return it because he read the end and it said "mom" and he was told my someone that that was "maman" (mom), and he knew that it must have ment something to them, so he was asking for me but I wasnt there and he was hesitant to give it to them but he did and left a note for me, so I get home and I'm like, what??! so I call him and thank him and he asked me what it was about and I tell him and it was really cool. He wasnt interested in teh gospel, but he respected our religion. That was a cool little miracle.

Things are  going great, as I said before, but I gotta go cause our train leaves soon and we gotta go catch it! I love yall and I hope that you have a great week!!!

love always,

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