Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013 - Grenoble, France

Our God will never us forsake!

ma chére famille,

how art thou? things are going pretty good here. just taking it one day at a time with my wonderful blue. she's been having a tough time adjusting to missionary life and stuff like that, which I totally understand, but you dont really "understand" fully when youre not in the situation. but yeah. ça va, quoi. So we had exchanges with the soeurs in our ville last Tuesday and I did exchanges with Soeur Lewis. She's a little peacemaker and just works so hard to get the language and is the cutest little 19 year old missionary here. She's the youngest in our apartment but seriously the most like a sweet little mother. its hilarious. she makes these "taco rolls" and german pancakes with homemade syrup (yeah. legit) and she's just soft spoken and its adorable. haha. But I did exchanges with her and we got to see our potential ami, Lisette, who is Yannick's cousin! So we set up a rendez-vous with her for this coming wednesday and she seems very committed to it. so thats great! super excited about her. Yannick is doing well also, though he doesnt have the desire to be baptized right now. he did have it, and he knows that the church is true, but he doesnt really have that desire that he had before to get baptized. So we are working on that with him right now. But he came to church and talked to the bishop! 

the ward members really seem to love us; its a good feeling. If you have the ward on your team, miracles happen. they trust you. its a win-win situation. and I LOVE this ward! they are just incredible and I just want to make all of them brownies and thank you cards! which we eventually will be doing in the next few weeks. haha. the young adults are amazing and always help us with lessons and the families always ask about our amis and they invite them over when they invite us over for dinner and its just awesome. I have a huge respect for French members of the church. the culture here is definitely different then the states, but when they come, they are really invested in the  church. The active members are really STRONG members. they really understand the gospel. Not that Americans don't, but its like we have members come that are just on the fence; thats not how it is normally here. 

well, dont have much time, but I love yall and pray for us! We have 2 weeks left of this transfer, this is our fifth week! holy cow! already!!!!!!! have a great week and if you plan on sending a letter send it now or wait till  transfer calls! 

love yall!! the church is soo true!!!!!!!!!!!

love always,

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