Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 - Grenoble, France

In the Highways


hello, hello! First off, HAPPY FATHER's DAY, DAD!!!!!! You are wonderful and I love you so much!!!! I hope that you had a great fathers day. I hope it was yesterday for yall in America, cause mothers day is different so I'm not sure.

so today was kind of weird! so this email has to be short. we came to do emails first thing, then we got a call 20 minutes in and it was a member saying that our dear soeur planeta had fallen and the window fell on her and we needed to go help her asap. so we dropped everything, and there was the couple Bertola family here at hte church so they drove us to her home and she had already been helped up so we just help to get the door/window re-hinged. which was ridiculous. but we succeeded! and then they left but we stayed with soeur planeta for a few hours to make sure she was okay and to wait for our member who had called us, messad, to get there. so we got to talk to her and eat lunch with her and it was actually really nice. she is such a sweet old lady. minus her always telling us our french is terrible. I'm pretty sure her native tongue isnt even french, but whatev. You just take it with a smile. haha. for example, today she was like, how do you guys even communicate with people enough to teach? hahaha. she's so mean but I just laughed and said, the Spirit! gotta love soeur planeta. 

so this week was a bit of a drought. we had pretty bad numbers, but its okay because from experience I know that when droughts happen we are just about to have a flood of miracles! And we have been working better and better together, so things are looking up! we are definitely seeing much more eye to eye and contacting more and trying to fill every moment with good things and such. 

haha, yesterday we contacted in a park, and one guy seemed super interested and I was thinking, this guy is totally golden!!! and we taught him basically a quick rundown of the restoration, he looks totally invested in everything we say, I  introduce the Book of Mormon, then he's like, wait wait, and we're like, yeah? and he's all, where do you live? do you live here or with a family somewhere? and I'm like, we live in an apartment, then I try to get back on topic but he's like, oh is there space in your apartment? its just hte two of you? and I'm like, this doesnt have anything to do with the gospel, and he's like, no, cause I'd like to live there with you and i'm like, "no. anyway," and keep teaching, then he just keeps asking us ridiculous things and I'm like, "this has nothing to do with the gospel" and he's like, well getting to know you helps me understand where youre coming from and then I was like, "okay, I decided to serve a mission because I have seen how the gospel has blessed my life, and i want to share that with others, so that they can have the same joy and happiness that I have, and that is why I dont like talking about myself or about anything regarding me because none of that will bring you the happiness that I have." then he listened a bit more, then we got his number to give to the elders, and that was all. egh. guys like that make my skin crawl. soeur keating was like, I thought it was funny. and I'm like, bleh. 

well, that was just a funny story for yall. Other then that, we had Elder Richards from the second quorum of the seventy come and speak to us on Tuesday and it was INCREDIBLE!!! I absolutely loved it. SO full of the Spirit afterward and during. We had nonstop teaching from 10am until 2pm, no breaks! so we ate at 2, but it was soooo worht it!! wow one of the best zone conferences I've had on my mission!

Well I love yall so much and I hope that you have a great week! Transfer calls are on Friday so we'll see if I'll be staying in Grenoble another transfer or if I'll depart! O la la!!  Will i keep soeur keating??? So many questions not answered until Friday morning. Hate this feeling.

love yall and I love photos!!!!!!!

love always,

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