Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 - Bordeaux, France

Concrete jungle, where dreams are made of!

there's nothin you can't do now you're in BORDEAUX!!!!


so! things are going good here in ol bordeaux. So many reasons for my title. first, this will be a short little email, but! great thing that happened this friday during weekly planning, the sonnerie goes off, and there's a package for me, apparently. I'm like, huh? I got my package from my fam yesterday..( thanks again!!) so we go down, open the door, and its SOEUR BERTOLIO and her fam!!!!! By soeur bertolio I mean Micol! crazy, right??? I was so happy!!! This week has been great. We contacted over 350 people (366, to be specific), and we taught lots of recent convert/less actives lessons, and it was great. dang I dont have any time, but it was all good good fun. today we did service and helped someone move with the elders. luckily we have 2 equipes of elders in our ward, so we didnt have to do too much, funny enough. We met some guy that works for nuSkin and we told him that president roney was our mission president and he was like, "you know blake RONEY??!" and he had this higher pitched voice and it kinda cracked at the "ney" of roney, and he was a short little man with a light purple button up in a suit. classy. but yeah, it was great. he tried to sell us nuSkin. theyve got their own little nuSkin missionaries! we laughed so hard and called president after and he told us not to give him his number. lol. We ate with the missionary couple in our ward for one of our lunch hours and it was wonderful. I absolutely love the Dickensons. theyre from England and have the best accents!!!

We havent been able to find any solid amis yet, but we will continue to search and eventually find and baptize!!!!!!! :D

Also, could people who speak ITALIAN, SPANISH, RUSSIAN, and GERMAN please send me an email saying how to contact someone to learn more about the gospel. for example, "We are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Would you like to learn more about Jesus Christ?" just put that into those languages. Thanks!

well, I really do have to go, but thanks for all you do! I LOVE letters!!!

love always,

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