Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 - Bordeax, France

Let our Hearts Find Access to Thee

In thy holy courts on high

chére famille,

bonjour!! This week was pretty awesome. Hard but still really awesome. We taught more lessons then we have this whole transfer! Not combined, but it was great. We're improving. :) We have continuously been searching and contacting over 350 people for the week (our mission's standards of excellence), and we are beginning to see the difference. We've still been contacting and teaching recent converts and nonactives, but we've finally been able to set up rendez-vous with our potential amis and teaching! I loove teaching!! oh man. I have missed it. Not that  we havent taught since this transfer started, just that we only have taught a few times a week, not enough to feel like youre doing it often. Finding is a pretty difficult thing, especially for me; I'm much more comfortable teaching and helping our amis understand and apply, so the Lord recognizes my weaknesses and decides to build them up. I think this is one of the reasons I have been in this situation for 2 transfers now. haha. the situation where we just dropped basically all of our amis or they dropped us, so we NEED to find like crazy or else we're not accomplishing our goal. Thats what happened in the middle of last transfer in Grenoble, and that's what happened before I came to the Eysines equipe, so our finding is finally paying off! The Lord is really blessing us with some really great potentials. 

Par exemple! We contacted this french guy, Xavier, and stood and talked for a good 15 minutes about life and we had asked him, "Où est-ce que vous trouvez le bonheur?" (where do you find happiness). And he said work, but its a temporal thing so he is really searching for that. so we set up a rdv with him for the next morning, we feel like we should teach him with mama yonnet, our bishop's mom, and she is crazzy!! lol. so much energy and kind of aggressive and he's kind of aggressive so we're like, well, we'll see! so we start the lesson and she's like asking all these questions and tellling him so much and he's like, gurl get outta my face but not really saying that, just looking like that, and then he tells us he will never ever be baptized into the mormon church, I'm like, dang. but we keep teaching and pull things back to together, he tells us his life story, really opens up, gives the closing prayer, mama yonnet goes over to him, grabs his face and bisous him and was like, that was such a beautiful, sincere prayer!!! and I'm expecting him to be like, what the what! but I see his face and he's just smiling ear to ear! french boys are mama boys. so basically she adopted him as another one of her sons. oh and she kept on relating him to her sons and saying he needed to meet them..but yeah. so he was on vacation this weekend but we talked to him yesterday and we'll see him this week. miracles!!!

Oh, we visited a nonactive, soeur drumeva, and she was a choral director, a really good one, in Bulgaria. she can read music like no one i've ever seen. soo fast!! anyway, after we sang a cantique, she took me to the piano and made me sing scales. then she told me that I would be giving up my gift if I didnt go into singing, and not in choirs, but classic singing!! opera! I was like, whha?? That was really nice and boosted my confidence. haha.

I know that the Lord is blessing us. I know that this gospel is so true, that it can truly change lives and hearts. I dont know if Xavier will be baptized, but I do know that he really could be. The gospel can change everything. I've seen it. It's incredible to be able to share that with others. Its sad when people disregard it, but I work hard to not let that get me down, because there are His elect out here in Bordeaux, searching for the truth and waiting for something to happen in their lives. I love this gospel! Its incredible!!!!!!
I love yall and I hope you have a great week!!!

love always, 

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