Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 - Bordeaux, France

I'm a travelin' (wo)man!


haha, so this title! mainly is referring to the fact that I left grenoble on monday and got to bordeaux monday evening, then thursday we left for Lyon for the "bleus conference", a conference for the just beginning 2nd transfers and their companions to see how theyre doing and such. Then Friday we left and stayed the night in Toulouse, then we left on Friday and got back to Bordeaux. Phew! needless to say, we travelled a LOT. we only had one day with real studies, wednesday, because tuesday soeur raney had her train at 10:30 and so we had to go with her to the gare (train station), then thursday we had a tombez-vous which had been planned for 8am. ha! so early. and he wasnt even there! but its cool. got a number f'rom someone while we were waiting for him to answer..which he didnt. So this week will be a lot better when it comes to planning and studies and working here! 

AHHH!! I loveee bordeaux! its so beautiful and the ward is awesome! the leaders are great and really have a great idea of how we can change and become better. also, our bishop and his second counselor are totally "hipsters". its kind of ridiculous. I was laughing so hard during sacrament. not literally during "sacrament", but during the last meeting. its great. theyre serious about the gospel hipsters. I dont even know how to describe to you their "hipsterness", its just great. and they both speak english fluently. and our dmp (ward mission leader) is american and really is a sweet guy. he has a 2 year old son and his wife here, and they are great. We're teaching this guy, Bruce Alexandre George, and he is so legit and seriously a fun guy to teach and talk to, and we think that he will be baptized bientôt. :) Pray for us! Our mission is planning on 50 baptisms this month of July! Pray for us to accomplish it!! 

funny things, so many!!! so soeur hirschi was SO tired saturday from all the travelling and french (which she speaks super well!), that she was saying the funniest things. par exemple: "Basically, I dont believe in germaphobes." another funny thing, when we were leaving bleus conference, an elder who's dyng with me, elder uluavé, told president specifically that he would personally make sure that everyone would get to their train ON TIME. what happened? NONE of us did. lol. the metro was closed down at our stop, so we had to take a different bus to a different metro..etc. the whole time Elder Uluavé was like, dang it!!! hahaha. good times. 

well, I gotta jet, but I love yall so much! I know that I am here for a reason, and that there are miracles in this land. the ward is great, the people aren't usually super rude, things are looking up! I Love yall!!!!!

love always,

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