Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 - Bordeaux, France

I will survive


so it has begun getting super hot here. the heat wave is a'comin! or its already hit. either way its hot. i dont think I've ever drank so much water before. lol. I seriously take in like 4 glasses before lunch. And those hours before we're just doing studies since I'm finishing training soeur hirschi. its cray. but good, cause otherwise I would totally get dehydrated, and we all know that leads to exhaustion which leads to passing out to going to the hospital. so to save a trip, I just drink a lot. of water. But other then the heat things are looking great! things are picking up, we're contacting and getting super close to having solid amis! As I told some of you already, when I got here my comp and her last companion had just dropped a few of their solid amis who werent keeping commitments, so we had some potentielle who we're trying to meet with, but its been hard since its the time of the season for VACANCE (vacation). And its not normal vacation that youre gone for a week or 2 like in America; here youre gone for a good 4 weeks or more. its out of control and makes missionary work a bit harder when your new amis are leaving for forever it seems. haha. But we get by by finding more amis now, so that by the time that our potentielles come back we'll have a bunch of amis! win/win! 

So this week we had some great miracles. first off, we went to visit a somewhat new ami (Ive taught him only once, but the soeurs had taught him twice before) but he wasnt home, so we thought to stop by a different new ami, Luce. she's home, so she invites us up to her apartment, and her boyfriend (father of her 5 year old) and her younger brother (16 yrs old) are home also. so we begin asking how theyre doing, we introduce ourselves to the new people, then the boyfriend says very simply and not accusingly, oh yeah yall are a cult. and I'm like, actually we're not. and he's like, yeah, you are. and I asked him why he thought that and something having to do with having a prophet that we pay all our money to and so we explained the purpose of a prophet and the purpose of tithing, and then we asked if we could continue explaining after we prayed, and they were a little surprised but said okay, so we prayed and then began teaching a very simple lesson 1 and they were really touched.We didnt get through the whole thing, but it was good. We asked them if they believed in God and she told us about her cousin who she was really close with who believed in God but she had recently died. I felt really inspired to ask her the question, do you think that you'll see her again after this life? She really thought and said, I dont know. And we shared a testimony that we know that she can see her again because we have a loving Heavenly Father. We gave them another Book of Mormon and prayed and they thanked us and the boyfriend, Jerémie, thanked us and said that we were really nice about answering his questions and explaining, and I thought that was really cool. We're not here to convince, we're here to teach with the Spirit and let them decide for themselves. 

Another cool experience was yesterday in relief society we were talking about the talk by president uchtdorf about the plane going just a little off course and that can change everything, afterward the teacher asked if there was someone who would like to share an experience, and this woman sitting the back stood up and told us that she has been inactive for the last 5 years but has decided taht seh wants to be fully active again and cried and bore her testimony and the Spirit was so strong! so we sat with her in sacrament and exchanged numbers and she is so sweet and really happy to be back and to restart. I love the atonement!!! 

I love this gospel and I know that it's true!!! I Love yall and I hope yall have a great week!!!

love always,

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