Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012 - Nice, France

little algeria

ma famille,

bonsoir! sorry this is so late, we just had lessons this morning/afternoon! holy cowwwwwwww nice is HUGE! there are people EVERYWHERE and it is a little overwhelming for me. seriously. like toulouse there were a lot also, but it wasnt my ville. so yeah. this is...awesome. I just need to pull MYSELF TOGETHER. lol. soo! yeah! soeur marker is so awesome!! its crazy how well we know each other and its literally been a week. the mish! shes fun and we are both super eager to spread christmas cheer!! we have decided to go to members homes and "christmas attack" them with a christmas tree (paper on thtier door, not really a christmas tree...hahaha) or snowflakes because soeur marker is a beast at making em! and do it ananymously(sp???) and make their day a bit brighter. hopefuly. and make them american treats and go carolling, preferably with the elders and hte couple missionaries, not just us. haha. mais quand-même!! so yeah. super exciting. 

we taught a second lesson to this guy, osa's (pronounced "o-sax") who is superrrr believing and is from nigeria. he speaks english so we teach him in english and it is SO WEIRD!!!!!! we taught him the first lesson today and i was like, I have no idea what to say!!! haha. but we got through it well and he accepted baptism with a date!!!!!! he has  wife and a little baby boy. so cute. we also have a progressing ami, sarah, who has a baptismal date but she is like scared of getting baptized in the winter because its too cold? yeah, we will figure out if hteres a different reason behind that. 

so we have been trying to find, we made this street board that says "if you could ask God one question...what would it be?" in french, and behind it we put a bunch of questions that people have usually (the main question is in black and bigger then the other questions) and people actually stopped and looked at it, some even took pictures! but we didnt have it up long because we didnt have much time to street board that day AND the é"é"à(ç( jehovah witnesses came over and began asking us questions with their little pully brochure thing and they wouldnt leave so I left soeur marker talking to them and dragged our sign (hahaha) like 2 yards away from them and soeur marker told em to get and then we continued. lol. it was funny, but really annoying!! but yeah. this week we plan on street boarding three times with the elders, so we will progress more! so stoked!!

the first day that I was here I was sitting at my desk and there were two muslim boys walking past our gate (by our window) and one stopped and saw me sitting at the desk talking to soeur marker, then was like trying to peak through the gate and i was like, rolling my chair to different spots so he couldnt see me and he was like starting to laugh and i was like, soeur marker that boy is watching us!! and she was like, wha? and i like got up and went to into the bedroom so he couldnt see me and we were laughing so hard because soeur marker was like, of all the transfers ive been here this has NEVER happened!!! and then she was like, what do I do?? and then she got the great idea to close the blind thing and the guys were like yelling to us and soeur marker was like, theyre trying to talk to us!!!! and was just laughing. it was hilarious. hahahaha. good times. 

so there are 3 equips in NICE!! 3! an elder equipe, then a couple missionaries, the Perry's, who we are going to for christmas night and we will be trying to skype you then! okay! questions that I need answers to!!! or more of information that you need to remember:
-we will be skyping you around 7 or 8pm, nice, France time, which is noon or 1pm Texas time I believe. you might want to double check. SO! Do you have a skype account? if you dont, get one and tell me the account name so I can find you. I will be using soeur markers account, which the name of it is markerr (she thinks..I had a skype account but I dont remember it anymore..). Is this all alright with you? is the time good?  

Okay! another announcement, the transfer dates will be changing in 2 transfers, and now I will be going home a week earlier then before, so now my release date is October 29th! Its because the mtc time for missionaries has been cut back a LOT, like now instead of 9 weeks it is 6 weeks. Okay, think those are all the announcements.
so for two days during meals we watched "17 miracles" and by the end of it, I was like dying. I sobbed. SOBBED! I dont remember the last movie, or TIME, that I sobbed! I'm super emotional on the mission, apparently. But you gotta admit that is a SAD movie!!!! Holy cow I DIED!!! 

So we bought a christmas tree and lights and eveyrthing and it looks so good!!!! oh my goodness you would all be impressed. I love it!! and we have watched mr krugers christmas 3 times already! hahahaha. we need christmas music. 

okay, well, I think I should be going! Christmas is great, and I love the Savior! our ward is great!!!! our chapel is HUGE!!!!!! its like a temple on a hill, and the building is seriously bigger then ours in azle, which is crazy impressive for being in france!! there are lots of russians here, too, randomly enough! haha, its great. 

I love you all and share the gospel! It makes you happy, so make others happy by sharing it!!!!!! Its the time of the season for LOV-INNNNG!!!!! lol. no I was NOT referencing an oldies song...

cant wait to talk to yall in a few weeks! I love letters and photos!!!!!

love always,

ps: why that title? I may or may not be in the cheapest internet café in nice surrounded by muslims, inside and outside of the café...hahaha. at least I have dark hair! poor soeur marker and her blonde self. lol. but its good, the main worker protects us. hes very kind. :)

okay, and just fyi its not a super bad side of town, its right off the road from a main part of the city. love ya! and ill stay safe!!!!

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