Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012 - Nice, France

Ring out wild bells, to the wild sky

Ring out the old, ring in the new!

ma famille et mes amis,

thanks for the lyrics, dad!!! and Bonne Année, à tous!! Crazy how the year flies, n'est pas? Seriously, I was in the mtc in april, and now I'm 8 months into my mission! holy COWWWWWhowdoesthathappen??! so yeah. I'm actually really excited for a new year! Ring out the old, ring in the new! Become a better person this year! achieve the unachievable! give it your all and expect nothing in return!!! I feel like thats from a film...yeah. I cant remember which, though. oh man!! what is the name of that actress who is from the help, easy a, crazy stupid love? emma somehting? totallly off? Its just a person randomly brought up in a conversation between my comp and I and I can not remember her name for the life of me!!! its killlling meeeeee!! so if I find out next week I'd be happy. thanks! So this next year's theme is this random quote from whoever (soeur marker saw it in french on some guys t-shirt):

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing ENTHUSIASM."

I have come to realize that I do best on my mission when I am super enthusiastic. so! my goal is to be that more! When I'm feeling enthusiastic I have lots of energy and am just eager to do my best. This is my main goal for this year. Even when I  get home! since I"ll be home this year. thats a WEIRD thought. holy cow sister missionaries' time is so much shorter then elders!!!!! 6 months is HUGE. at least as a missionary. So being with my comp, who goes home in 2 transfers and 2 weeks, its got me thinkin about going home, which is super lame cause I've only been out, what, 8 months? I have no idea! But point being, it helps me realize how much I need to improve now so I dont regret later. I mean, soeur marker is a GREAT missionary, but shes hard on herself sometimes and I dont want to be that way. So yeah. Umm..we made sarah a really cute baptismal calender (beach-themed cause she loves the heat) because we set a baptismal date with her!!!!!!! February 2nd!!!!! the day before Asa's birthday!! 3 days before my birthday! what a great weekend!!!!!!!! Hollaa! shes super solid, and we're so stoked!!!!! Today we're not having our pday, we're going to monaco to do service for a phillipino family in our ward, the concha's. they are the sweetest family and they have 2 little girls and one of them looks like what shelb looked like when she was a little girl!!!!! sooo cute. they speak english. so that is great and we'll be having dinner with them and finishing hte missionary game with em too.

so last thursday we went to aix-en-provence! Its BEAUTIFUL!!! Just everything! its a college town too, so lots of young people! and after zone meeting (reason for going to aix) we all went as a group kind of, to this burrito shop, and they actually spicy! french people are a little afraid of spicy things so if they say its spicy, its super mild with a hint of spice. haha. but this burrito place...spicy!! I got a 3 out of 5 on spicy, and it was SO HOT. maybe its also cause I'm accustomed now to super mild foods. lots of pepper does burn my mouth.. I know..i'm embarrassed. haha. My texan roots!! ah!! 

But christmas was so great talking to yall!!!! I was seriously like confused the first 20 min. skype was weirdin me out, just the fact that everyone was sitting there and felt unreal! but then things got better. haha. I am so thankful for all the gifts yall sent!!!! i felt so loved!!!!! I didnt really get to thank yall, so many questions about france..and I didnt even say much in french!!!!! I was mad at myself afterward. sorry. I was a little overwhelmed. next time will be better! haha. i'll speak french and thank everyone for stuff. in french!! it will be great! aha. This past week has FLOWN by! its out of control! and we're already starting our 5th week for this transfer! out-of-con-trol!!!!!!! So less then two weeks left of this transfer in Nice. cray. 

Already, well I gotta fly, but I LOVE yall so much! I know this Gospel is true! I know that we have a prophet on the earth today to guide us and direct us, to protect us from the evils in the world. I know that through the atonement we can start a new life for the new year! Let us all become disciples of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Lets all read the talk, "The First and Greatest Commandment" by Elder Jeffrey R Holland, and become who we were designed to be. I am so grateful for yall in my life (my family AND friends!) and pray that you have an incredible week and great new years!! and as president roney says, "stay away from the sherry!" haha

Love yall so much!!!!!

love always,

ps: could someone send me the talk, "the fourth missionary"? its not a conference talk, its a talk given at byu or something, so you have to google it or something and I'm not allowed, sooo...thanks!!!

..and I LOVE letters and photos!!!

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  1. Devan, it was so nice to catch up through the last few posts and to see your companions and your adventures. The candle ceremony thing looks dreamy. And your stories. All of this is getting me pretty excited. I miss you. See you in no time!