Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012 - Nice, France

what child is this?


first off, could someone send me these lyriics? second off, I got TRANSFERRED! to NICE!!!!!!!! pronounced "neese", for those of you who didnt know. Holy moley I was so sad to leave pau and all the members that I love and the amis and everything!! But I prayed that I would get through and continue progressing and I feel so good right now to be in Nice! Its a lot bigger than pau and it has people on the streets all the TIME!! And its just a little bit warmer then pau, but warmer nonetheless! AND our appt is like 3 blocks from the beach! when I get good photos I will send you some. So my comp in teh mtc, soeur harris, was in nice the whole time I was in pau and we literally switched places! crazy, huh? My new companion is soeur marker, who was here in nice for 3 transfers, had soeur harris as a blue, then after one transfer was transferred out, then after 2 transfers of being somewhere else was transferred BACK to nice, had soeur harris as a comp again for 1 transfer, and now ME! haha. so i am sooooo stoked!! I just got this great mission-energy boost this morning when we were talking about goals, cause she was touching on things that I want to do and work on and it was just great. And we were walking to do emails just a while ago and she began contacting then was like, your turn! like soeur bertolio and it was so great!! I got super excited. haha. so my new address issssss:

les missionnaires
soeur devan gardner
10 ave des Orangers appt 8
06000 Nice

so yeah> super cool, and we get to go to monaco for pday!!! HOLLAH!! hahaa, i got the call to be transferred here and i was like, my parents are going to be so happy. lol. soeur raney was like, arent you excited? and i was like, yeah, of course, but they are excited because now they get to visit after my mission!!! hahaha.

so things are great! Alex got baptized saturday, right before I had to leave! It was so great, and the lavie children were planning on singing I am a child of god, and they got up (more then half of the ward was there!!!) and the oldest, Immanuel, waved me over, and I thought they wanted me to fix the leading music hold the book thing cause I had been leading the music, so i fix it and then he like motions for me to stand with them, and Im like, you want me to sing with you? and he shakes his head yes, so I sang with them! oh my goodness I love them. it was so great. then sunday we went over to celebrate one of the sons birthday's, and when we were leaving soeur lavie prayed with all of us, including alex and we prayed holding hands, and she prayed for me and it was just so humbling! I cried. oh man, so yeah, it was so sad but so great. 

so soeur marker wants to show christmas cheer for all to hear (she didnt really say that, exactly, but she will!) and i am SOOO on it!!!! AHHH I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I love this gospel with all my heart! I love Jesus Christ! we are so blessed!! Count your blessings, then show your gratitude by being a blessing for others!
I love you all, I love this gospel, I love letters, and I love photos! Have a GREAT week!!!

aka; souer gardner

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